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    Fun (yet random) things you can do in KH1.

    -Sliding down the banisters in HB
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer!

    I wish they kept the cell-shaded kind of graphics like in the original Coded. But this game is looking freaking awesome! Really excited for it now.
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    Happy B-Day!

    Man...I remember about 3 years ago, I got this game for my birthday. I played this game nonstop for 5 days when I finally beat it. My favorite part is the 1000 Heartless battle, and just the combat system in general. It's so much better than in the first.
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    Treasure boxes

    If I recall correctly, you have to use Gravity on them, if those are the ones you are talking about.
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    358/2 Days Demo for DS from Wii?

    Well, it's not just that. Demos give you a way to see what the game will play like so you can get used to the controls, menus, etc. and see if you like it or not.
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    All Cards Aquired

    Wow, that's a little rude. You're quick to state the rules, yet you're rude yourself... Anyway. I'm not even close to that. I actually stopped playing CoM a long time ago.
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    How did THIS slip under the news radar!!?

    It's still news about the KH franchise. It's not old news if it was just released.
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    Why didn't they release the trailer...you know...BEFORE the game came out?
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    wierd thing...

    Wow, I never noticed that...
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    re chain of memories controls

    Well, they usually change it for US releases (unlike in Metal Gear Solid...ugh). But KH has always been changed here in the US, so probably.
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    New merch.

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    Thought on Shion?

    How is she able to use it though? In KH, Leon actually got his hand on the keyblade, but then it went back to Sora...why did that happen if you can just hand a keyblade over to anyone and they can use it?
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    Square the new Triangle? (BBS)

    You mean, like...alternating? Kind of like in God of War?
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    Each Scenario's length

    lol That's what I meant by how long. Plus, when you get everything in the game, there's not anything left to do! I wonder how long that will take?
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    Each Scenario's length

    It might. I'm not that good at it. Though I DID go through expert on the first KH and only died 2 or 3 times...that was awesome. But anyway, I hope the game is at least as long as KH is.
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    Each Scenario's length

    No difference? Proud Mode was considerably harder than the other 2, though, in reality, it still wasn't even that hard. But I did notice a big difference.
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    why is Aqua so cool

    lol what?! Her outfit wasn't bad and she looked a lot better. XD
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    why is Aqua so cool

    lol I know, I had like what, 3 or 4 posts? That's a lot for me! Yeah, I didn't really find anything wrong with Kairi in KH2. I think I might be the only person that actually likes her...
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    Each Scenario's length

    Just the main storyline, that's about how long it takes. And I never finished CoM, so I wouldn't know.
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    Each Scenario's length

    But do you really think that it'll be longer than the PS2 versions? The first KH takes about 17-20 hours, and KH2 takes around 23-25...I can't see why the portable version would or even COULD be longer than that. Crisis Core wasn't as near as long as console Final Fantasies, and God of War...