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  1. K

    Xion's theme in piano fom KH piano collections

    thank you, amazing song.....
  2. K

    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    dust flier was very very hard....
  3. K

    Favorite mission mode character?

    why do you hate xion??????
  4. K

    the hardest mission

    the one towards the very end where you have to defeat 6 giant heartless
  5. K

    game out?

    yup, someone got there hands on one early =/ people right here in america got mw2 copies days before they came out
  6. K

    [BbS] different keychains???

    of course there will be keychains. end of story
  7. K

    Kingdom Hearts: BBS Winter Trailer FANDUB

    dude when i heard your mickey voice i lol'd so hard :D
  8. K

    a theory on bbs ending

    terra has relations with maleificent so.....yea..
  9. K

    Coded coming America?

    Docomo Prime Series-P-01A
  10. K

    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    Only on my playstation 2 :p
  11. K

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    All of the bosses that I didnt know how to beat at firts XD