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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    This happened to me when i learned that we weren't getting Final Mix 2
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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    But it's the only one to do it to a game that I care about this much.
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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    &%&*% &*@^&@ ^#&*(^$)&^)*&@*() #@&&#@* ()^#@^#*@^&*) !!!!!!!!!! Yes that is a swearing phrase. Why does Square Enix hate us?
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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    But just look at how sexy that thing is! They can't pull another Final Mix thing and make the best things in the world just to not let US into it.
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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    So nobody knows? Makes the wait even more torturing. w00t!
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    Birth By Sleep Special Bundle

    I can't find whether the Birth By Sleep bundle with the super special awesome PSP (picture below) will be coming to the USA. This may have already been posted so don't go into a hissy fit if it has, but is it?
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    Coded: Coming to the West?

    I think it would be a better move to put Coded onto the DS. It will probably cost around 40 dollars for all of the episodes anyway, and we know that the DS can handle the game. Plus, with the sales of 358/2 Days being excellent, I'm sure even more people would buy if they heard that it was...
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    A Ven/Sora/Roxas theory.

    There is a video where Ven goes to Destiny Islands and sees Sora playing. What if Sora is Ven's nobody, but somehow got Ven's heart. That would explain why Sora's Nobody looks exactly like Ven. If I'm missing something please be polite. If you be a douche it doesn't help anybody.
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    Roxas's Story

    Here is what I think has happened to Roxas so far. *Spoilers if you haven't played days* When Sora released his heart, Roxas appeared in Twilight Town, where the Organization found him. In the Organization he became friends with Axel and Xion. After much confusion, Roxas leaves the organization...
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    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    I personally like the Panel System because it allows me to make a Keyblade more for my attacks (attack as many times as possible in as short of time as you can.) What do you think?
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    Kh2 drive forms

    I liked Final Form the best even before I knew it was the best. Other than that I would say then Wisdom, Master, and bringing up the rear with it's no heal, sucky self,valor.I don't have final mix so I haven't seen limit.
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    BBS in the Tokyo Game Show

    I found this on twitter, what do you think, post your thoughts
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    Hopes for Days

    Do you think that Days will be good or a bad game like CoM(in my opinion) I think and hope that Days will be awesome because I have seen the videos on the Japanese site so fingers crossed.