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  1. Spikeyroxas

    Greatly improved attack stat, but no visible change?

    I heard somewhere that some enemies have a "damage cap" Maybe this is what the cause is?
  2. Spikeyroxas

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    yes, he was raised by the other org members / apprentices after his past but I've learnt now after playing the games that some thing's don't get mentioned unless they have some sort of relevance sometime down the line, especially with him having more cutscene time than before.
  3. Spikeyroxas

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    I wondered if there's a deeper reason why Xehanort picked his members for the organisation demyx, luxord, marluxia, Larxene have hardly any past history. and zexion was only a child with a missing history of losing his parents. what if these 5 have some sort of connection / Inheritence to do...
  4. Spikeyroxas

    If Disney never lost the rights to Tarzan, what games do you think Deep Jungle would've been in?

    I would have thought BBS, where you would meet a younger Tarzan probably.
  5. Spikeyroxas

    Giant Pink and blue mushroom drops help

    Re: Giant Pink and blue mushroom drops help. The trick is to get rid of Donald and goofy and to give yourself as much MP as possible 1vrTbCTvcTw
  6. Spikeyroxas

    Character's Report Vol. 2 Translations

    Is that comment about larxenes hair important? will we see her "somebody"?
  7. Spikeyroxas

    King Triton

    I couldn't find a thread with this answer so I've made this one. I was thinking about King Triton and his knowledge on the keyblade- the question being how he knows about these things since it's evident that the other worlds have little to no knowledge about other worlds and the key ( Other...
  8. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    But the commands don't have to be specific to characters or story, and don't need to make sense. Just a fun Easter egg type thing since we won't be able to use those commands again as recoded is only cutscenes. No one mentioned the fact that you can get org member enemy cards in Re:Com1.5 of...
  9. Spikeyroxas

    My experience with Dream Drop Distance and game discussion *SPOILERS*

    I kind of agree with the point about Sora. usually I like Sora and dislike Riku, but I'm liking Riku more and more. at the beginning of DDD I was thinking I wouldn't like Riku in this game because I thought it was going down the Sad emo woe with me route. "It's all my fault" "I'm not truly good...
  10. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    It's not that they were "so good" it just had some interesting commands that were not in birth by sleep or dream drop distance i havnt played it for a while but "judgement triad" "thunder tracer" "blizzaga pursuit" are a few examples. it would just be nice if they added then to BBS. i can't...
  11. Spikeyroxas

    Did Anyon Else Find The HD Remake A Little Easier?

    Yes only because of leaf bracer though the ability to cast defense magic combined with second chance and low cost cure spells with lead bracer made you invincible pretty much
  12. Spikeyroxas

    Forgotten abilities

    How do you think they will explain the lack of spells or abilities for Sora (Donald and goofy too) in kingdom hearts 3? So far it's gone like this: re:Com - they forgot "every spell and ability they ever learnt" upon entering castle oblivion. kh2 - similar reason to re:com khDDD - start fresh...
  13. Spikeyroxas

    Why does Roxas look more like Ventus than Sora?

    I know it's been answered buuuuuut. due to ventus taking refuge in soras heart (BBS) this affects the look of soras nobody to better resemble Ventus. the opposite / same thing happened when Vanitas was created in BBS. vantias was born with a mask / no face but when soras heart completed ventus'...
  14. Spikeyroxas

    What Is the worst mission or boss in Kingdom Hearst 358/2 Days?

    I actually found Leech grave pretty scary to be honest. i hated the boss fight and it killed me many times.
  15. Spikeyroxas

    Which are you more excited for?

    Being a UK resident I've always wanted to play the final mix version of kh2. I tried to port other versions with no success :( but now it's like a dream come true just like when I played COM on my ps3 since it never came out other than GBA here. i can't wait to beat / get beaten by All of ORG 13
  16. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    I heard they were changing the mirage arena to make it more fun for single player, but I never heard about new commands (except for including the final mix exclusive commands) although if this is true then I will be hopeful for Recoded commands :D
  17. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    You could use them but they were significantly weaker. and the group cure commands had a longer reload time too even though they healed the same amount as the normal versions.
  18. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    Just a quick thought I had, do you think that maybe some commands from Re:Coded could be included within Birth by sleeps arsenal? (similar to how KHCOM had extra cards due to 358/2days) Since I guess there wont be Group or team commands because there will be no multiplayer in BBS and Re:coded...
  19. Spikeyroxas

    I believe this image from KH1 Final Mix speaks for itself...

    I would say heartless are the first since they have always existed In The RoD, and it was Xehanort who let them out. The second could be Ansem SoD with "not pure" heartless and nobodies as the 3rd But I'm most likely probably wrong.
  20. Spikeyroxas

    Gaping Plot Hole?

    Well <spoiler> In the bbsfm secret cutscenes (v2) You see castle of dreams in the dark realm So maybe when a world falls to darkness, not everyone becomes a heartless, but rather they may still be alive and trapped in the RoD. This is assuming that is the castle of dreams in the RoD and it is...