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  1. ventus12

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Box Art!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Box Art! its amazing cant wait for this
  2. ventus12

    the other side

    after finishing Dream Drop Distance it got me thinking about the dark realm. we know it has been explored much in previous games and Aqua has spent the most time there of the other characters. But i would like to see a game focused on that realm and not just the realm, its in habitants as well...
  3. ventus12

    Official Kingdom Hearts 3D Launch Event Thread!

    nintendo world event i dont know if the site it posting its own pictures of the event this morning but i took some that i wanted to share. the line was ridiculously long and by the time i got there everything was sold out but i got the postcards which illl try to upload as well. But i still...
  4. ventus12

    i think organization XIII will be returning

    Hey everyone i dont come here a lot so im not sure if this was already said, but as the title says i think organization XIII will be returning but in their somebody forms. im basing this off the new KH:3D video when the video was translated you can see in the subtitles and axel is talking in one...
  5. ventus12

    The age of riku and sora in kh 3D

    Ok thanks for that was what I didn't know
  6. ventus12

    The age of riku and sora in kh 3D

    Ok so I don't it's just me but it seems like riku and sora both look younger than they did in kh2. To my knowledge the game takes place after kh re:coded. So why do they look younger unless there is a bit information I may have missed.
  7. ventus12

    Re:coded it is worth playing?

    Re:coded it is worth playing? Im planning on but re:coded today and want to know if it's worth playing as in how is the gameplay and will I miss any thing important about the story. I know the kh games are cannon to each other but is it possible I can miss this one and not be affected much...
  8. ventus12

    do you think kh3 should have more FF world or worlds that go into the realm of darkness?

    i think we should have more FF worlds and world the go into the realm of darkness more. to give the characters something to explore and widen the story. the game is supposed to be FF+Disney making a great game. while it is a great game i feel disney is stealing the spot light. they have way more...
  9. ventus12

    Anyone want to Help me with Mirage Arena? :D

    i think i can help with this i have my ven completed with everything so if can find time i can help you breeze right through it
  10. ventus12

    The Deck Command Thread!

    i dont remember terra and aquas but vens are: blitz, salvation, faith, megaflare, curaga
  11. ventus12

    Vanitas's Lingering Spirit strategy.

    in the video ven has VS keyblade is that obtained after beating him? and you need to beat him to unlock the secret ending too right?
  12. ventus12

    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    yes completely content with the game i love the command system and the styles it was way more than i expected it to be since its on a psp. the only thing is that i wish some of terras worlds were long. some i felt like i was there killed a big bady and was gone only opening 3 doors to that. but...
  13. ventus12

    secret ending help

    *sigh* i would say eff that and jus do every one on critical but i almost have the commands for ven so it would be a waste of time
  14. ventus12

    secret ending help

    :[ but im confused i have one on critical and 2 on standard i know there has to be sum way without complete 100% since the difficulties are mixed
  15. ventus12

    Secret Ending

    i got all the reports but two were beaten on standard
  16. ventus12

    secret ending help

    i need help getting the secret ending in kh:bbs i just finished the final episode and i want to know how much of the trinity thing needs to be completed so far i have 75%. and from what i know the percentage depends on the difficulties and having all 3 characters on different difficulties change...
  17. ventus12

    BBs release date

    ok thank you for the information
  18. ventus12

    BBs release date

    i haven't been on this site in a long time. but i had a concern with the birth by sleep release date. they said it was coming out in the US on 9/7/10. but in the new video on the khinsider home page. it says coming 10/9/10. now is this a new release date that i didnt hear about? or is it like a...
  19. ventus12

    NA release date?

    what about feb.27th? thats when they are giving us a set date for the release or is that the release it self
  20. ventus12

    NA release date?

    alright there is the proof but when did say that bbs was going to be on psn for sure? all i said was that it wasnt in the osn store which is why i thought it was only on umd but still proof is proof even though we were sorta on the same page lol. but bak on the release date do you think it...