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  1. Andriux

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I’m not sure about the whole rhythm bit, I’m not exactly into those types of games haha! But the Kairi DLC (or new game) I’m wondering who is she referring to that stopped her from her fate, was it Terranort?
  2. Andriux

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    The Kairi bit seems like more DLC as oppose to its own game, but we shall see!
  3. Andriux

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    I saw the slew of trailers. I think I’m more excited about the Kairi but cannot wait to see what’s done with her character!
  4. Andriux

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Website Leaked - New Screenshots and Details Revealed

    Speaking of which will we see a young Yensid in Dark Road? Any indication at all?
  5. Andriux

    News ► Official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter releases new details!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Eraqus turns out to be Brain, also I’m getting Star Wars prequel trilogy vibes from this. However, Xehanort is no where near up to par to Darth Vader, great villain, although I personally don’t feel it necessary to specifically tell his story about how he turned to...
  6. Andriux

    Orichalcum+ help??

    Dude, the postcard one is such a hassle. I collected 4 all together and none of those would be the Orichalum+ so I had to keep loading my save data until the Moogle Shop finally gave me the item, took too long lol.
  7. Andriux

    No story update for May

    Is there a chance they may release a game changing medal for this June 11th update??
  8. Andriux

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road delayed, more info in early June

    To be honest I don’t mind the delay. I’m over the Dark Seeker saga. What else do I want to know about Xehanort? I’d rather read a book about it then play another mobile game! Also when Dark Roads does release would that be the end of KHUX? 🤔
  9. Andriux

    5/29 Union χ JP Updates: Time Mission SP, Reprinted Avatars

    Reprints huh? No word on new medals?
  10. Andriux

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    I agree with your thinking, everything is still open to interpretation. Just as in you may be a keyblade wielder, but not a keyblade master. I'm leaning more towards the fact Kairi may be one of the seven princesses of hearts, but she may not be one of the 7 guardians I do always hope I'm wrong...
  11. Andriux

    If the BBS trio had a forth member, what would their fate be?

    In BBS I thought King Mickey wasn't at the level of Terra, Ven, or Aqua. I thought of him as sort of a rookie still, but hey he helped Sora close the door in Kingdom Hearts. :tongue:
  12. Andriux

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I don't hate Xion she's an interesting character I thought. However, it's a character I don't think was really needed, but whatever floats Nomura's boat ya know. If I had one thing negative to say is how complicated of a character she is. I don't understand why strong memories of Kairi would...
  13. Andriux


    Hi everyone! This looks like a nifty community so I decided to join can't wait to explore, hope to find some crazy cool stuff! I'll see ya around posting n stuff! 😎👍