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  1. Kara

    Famitsu Gives KH3D 38/40 + Scans (Now with 100% more swag~)

    Is it me, or switching Riku and Mickey would be more logical? I mean, Sora is in the sky, why Riku is in the ocean?
  2. Kara

    Traverse Town Partner Speculation

    I think, they will be original characters. If not... Cecil and Kain, anyone? Don't want them in KH, but they fit with KH3D themes.
  3. Kara

    Did Kairi really fall into darkness?

    Well, Namine opened dark portal, when Riku couldn't. And since Riku's inability was explained as him not belonging to darkness anymore, it's logical to think, that Namine has darkness in her. And now Namine is part of Kairi, who is PoH... But it doesn't answer my previous question.
  4. Kara

    Did Kairi really fall into darkness?

    Actually, the whole "Kairi and darkness" deal interests me for another reason. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in CoM Riku became able to detect darkness, not recognize people. But he tells Namine that she smells like Kairi, meaning they must have the same amount of darkness. But Kairi is a PoH and...