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    Mickey's Letter

    ok so this is gunna b like if it was to Kairi, Rikku, or Sora what it would say. for sora: Sora, hey wazzup, uhh my gummi ship kinda ran out of gas and now im like stuck here at Atlantica. HELP ME SORA!!! ARIEL WONT STOP SINGING!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!!! HELLLPPPP MEEEEEEEE!!!! NOW SHE...
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    Riku's Kairi

    she should show up in the next game, as like Kairi's long lost older sister, that has been flying around in a gummi ship for years (doing something siginificant to KH3) and then she comes apon Destiny Islands and is reunited with Kairi, and then meets Sora and Rikku, and well u guys can pretty...
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    how do i beat the paradox cerberus?

    can u use summons? if u can just use peter pan over and over ull get hecca bubbles, if u cant use summons....heres what u need 2 do: Put Magnera (or whatever form of magnet magic u have) on R1shortcut, and do the same thing for Thundaga (or whatever form of thunder magic u have). equip an ether...
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    how long

    it is longer in my opinion, took me not too long to beat, but cutscenes lasting up to half an hour took up alot of time. Doing all sidequests takes more time as well, and if u want to get the extra cutscene u must complete everything in Jimminies Journal (in standard), or complete all the...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** omg that makes hella since i never thought of it that way!!! good job!!
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** i think the three knights were Sora, Riku and Kairi, they even went over and picked up their keyblades out of the sand. but that guy off in the distance that u couldnt make out...a mystery.
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    how do i beat the paradox cerberus?

    use magnera (or whatever form of magnet magic u have) and draw all the guys together, and then follow up with a couple shots of thundera (or whatever form of thunder u have) that will result in 3 times as many bubbles as u would normally get, using this technique i got over 3000 pts. so u should...
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    Glide Ability?

    when u get Final at LV.2 u will get Glide LV.2 for it, and normal Sora will have Glide LV.1 u have to level up all the way to LV.7 and then u will have Glide LV.3 for normal sora, and MAX Glide for final. A good thing to do to level up easily, is go to TWTNW and go to Proof of Existince (this...
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    if u are toatally hopeless and really cant beat him, a good thing to do is level up wisdom(even though its boring) and get quick run, then when he does the gyser thing u can dodge out of the way, and then quick run torward him and get a few hits on him. also use a limit to do some good amounts...
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    I beat Kingdom Hearts 2!!.....But

    u cant keep playing thats just the end.
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    Maniac Mode 1000 help

    i suggest ultima weapon or fenrir, and negative combo.
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    hey everyone!! does anybody have a list of all 13 Orichalcum+ locations, cuz i cant seem to find a list anywhere on the interweb!!! if anybody could help that'd b great! THANKS LOTS!!:D
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    Poster Duty

    K so poster duty - ha ha duty- anyway, anybody got ne good tips 4 beating it easily? i have Glide LV.3, QuickRun LV.3, HighJump LV.3, and ArialDodge LV.3, so abilities are not an issue. Any tips can help, go to the left first? or the right? my best time so far is 35 seconds!!so close!!! k help...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, Namine screwed up again and erased all my memories, except for the one of you. theres this mouse here named Minnie and i dont know who the hell she is, even though she says she is my wife or something like that......Theres also this crazy duck and a stupid dog thing that can talk...
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    HELP ME!!!! SIGNATURES..how do u get them?

    ok how the hell does everyone get signature pictures on their signature? i like cant do it, people say copy and paste this onto your signature...HOWWWWWW? it dosnt copy and paste!! do i hav 2 save it to my comp? but then what..how do i get the code onto the text thingy? omfg help me!!!! -Thank You
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    the note in the bottle?!(possible spoilers)

    who knows, its Kingdom Hearts 2 , some of it has to be confusing :)
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    Roxas or sora

    SORA! Roxas suked. mabye cuz i had 2 play as him elary in the game and he was weak, but i hated being Roxas and couldnt wait to be Sora. Roxas' strength was passed on to Sora, so they would have had the same strength and stuff even if u played as Sora in the beginning. They just look different...
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    Save the Queen+?

    i think there is one as well as a Save the King+ but i dont know how to obtain them
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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    I believe the reason that kairi looks like 4 years older instead of 1 year older, is that they wanted her to slightly resemble NAMINE seen as how she is kairi's nobody and to do that they had to make her look older. also sora's voice has gotten deeper to show is maturity, and they wanted to show...
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    2 Ultimas

    People are wondering if there are 2 Ultima weapons, the truth is that there is in fact two ultimas. now im not sure u have to synth. both, but i know u have to synth one. the game says there are like what..8 O+'s (or however many) and actually there are two hidden ones. uhh i dunno where they...