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    who plays badminton?

    i play badminton and im gona join the team for patrick henry in San diego(they suck so much) hopefully i an make them better a little. i just wana know how many ppl play badminton.
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    Twilight Town Hints In Deep Jungle !!!!!!

    wow thats new never noticed that. thx for the info.
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    items seriously wanted!

    i want the neo claws, the o and o for the twilight side, and the dark sword of anima. say a price and i may pay for it......
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    BHK in ASAS/Deep dive

    i wana see......it.
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    i hated reverse sora on the ship cuz it was annoying for him disappearing and coming right behind u, hahah like my location. i hated ursala and captain hook becuz they had water and im afraid of water. chernabog was ok at least it wasnt annoying as ursala. behemoth was too repetitive. i hated...
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    i know isnt it!?!?! i still think they should stay with Hikki(utada hikaru's nickname). i never heard of uso(iforgot he rest).if i hear it, i mihgt agree.
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    u can go here to get it. http://akatsuki.thatsjustme.net/media_utada.php
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    Kh2 and FF videos

    wtf.... why u desperate loser. go get ur own gil. everybody else did.
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    Fan Movie

    the links not working anymore...:( and i saw ur newer one and i loved it so now i want to see this one.
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    Where are the creatures of light?

    exactly, why would u fight a creature of light? theyre on the good side.
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    I'll Help you

    heck yea it is. happy friday to all! o yea do u know japanese cuz i need translations on kingdomhearts final mix
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    level ups no more??

    really didnt know that. i never noticed the hp was thesame
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    i can imagine kremlin dusk in a battle and dramatic scene put together. since hte song is mellow and crazy at the same time near the end.
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    songs in KH

    i liked the simple and clean remix. its much better than the original simple and clean. its not as upbeat.
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    bhk's party members

    maYBE It is those kids who are gona be his partners. i mean bhk got a blue crystal on the clocktower in one of the videos and so did the kids. so maybe the crystals gave them special qualities.
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    Hey someone look at this!

    wow that was a let down. i was a expecting a date
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    KH2 Theme Song Possibility

    well utada hikaru does do rock and jpop. like her new cd(not that new) Exodus.
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    im gonna get burned 4 this

    it has to be kairi. kairi is the only girl with red hair and selphie knows her so it has to be. im not flaming u, am i?
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    Kairi's new look

    i like her look. it makes her look like shes busy but hot at the same time.*staring*
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    Namine and BHK.....Related?

    i thi9nk they are related(howd a nine get in think? whatever...) they both have blonde hair so theres one reason that they are related, they are meeting up with each other and having a long conversation about something...or someone... and they looks worried i think.