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    What do you say????

    It was a good game but the difficulty could've used a boost in some areas in the game.
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    Treasure Chests in Twilight Town

    ^^^You don't need to get the one's as Roxas to obtain all the chests.
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    Secret Ansem Report 3

    The actual translation from the Japanese version for Xigbar's true name was supposed to be Braig but they changed it for some reason.
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    secret ending

    I believe that the place we saw is where all keyblades reside. When a keyblade wielder from another world puts a keychain on his keyblade, I think that the keychain summons the keyblade from that world. If they get it a keyblade from that world, it wouldn't need a keychain because they didn't...
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    betta ending (maybe some spoilers)

    I think KH1 had the best ending mainly because it was such a cliffhanger unlike the others.
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    Lion or Human

    I think he is much stronger in his human form.
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    Quck Question..

    Yes, you have to beat Sephiroth to raise the drive bar again.
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    standerd mode

    No, you don't have to beat all the gummi ship missions. You just need to complete the Jimmy Journal 100%.
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    Secret Movie?!

    What if those knights actually did defeat the dragon in the past? When you see the dragon for the first time in KH2 it is in that incubation thing and it looked like it was healing or something. It could be the same dragon but it was destroyed then repaired by Xemnas.
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    They probably have a connection especially since the video contained the words "Memories of Xenahort"
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    Whats the Max HP you can get in the game?

    The only way to get above 120 is to hack the game like this one guy did and his health bar was all the way across the screen.
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    3 way ultimate battle

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    My favorite form would have to be final form.
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    lol Anti form so soon

    The anti points only increase your chances of getting anti form. Even though you had a very small chance to get it you still had a chance which resulted in you getting anti form so early in the game.
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    3rd Paradox Cup.

    You just need to level up your drive forms and summons to unlock it.
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    You just need to talk to the judge in the sandlot to play the struggle battles.
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    please help (if u have a heart!)

    I just used Peter Pan and I got the points easy.
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    The Keyblades

    These are the people that have the keyblades. Sora = Keyblade of Light Mickey = Keyblade of Darkness Riku = Keyblade of Twilight
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    It was either Namine or one of the Organization members because you do see one for about a second right before you fight Twilight Thorn. I'm only talking about the one for Roxas, as for Sora I have no idea.
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    Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3

    I haven't beaten that thing at the end either. It is very difficult and I can't seem to beat the high score.