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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** the dd ending had so much more action in it, what with all the neo shadows and such... but the keyblade wars looked crazy awesome. I actually have heard rumors of an mmo...
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    I am so mad.

    dag jimmit. i saw it too . it jimmed me off. they had com on it once an it got really annoying.
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    Do you think kingdomhearts 2 will be on xbox?

    i agree. i mean, whats ur guys problem? i no what it feels like to be ridiculed, believe me. well, xbox is a popular system, but square enix would never make a final fantasy type game for it.
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    Peter Pan in Kh2

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    Worlds looking different

    yea, thatd b cool
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    sephiroths words

    ah. thanx ttbk2. i was frekin out thinkin i was wrong. wait, thaty makes me sound like a freak jerk. sry.
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    Kingdom Key Forever!

    yea, i think youll b able to choose diff weapons, but they all level up in strength with sora.
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    sephiroths words

    supernova doesnt reduce ur hp to 1, but it does turn u inta a silenced confused frog. its still calld heartless angel.
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    sephiroths words

    hahahahahahahahahahaha, why would they plainly put a new attack in there if the exact same thing happens in ff7? in the game it says heartless angel on top of the screen, then an angel in black comes down, gives u a halo, and yur hp is reduced to 1.
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    The KHOBGG

    well, ive beaten the game like, 12 times, but since 2003. but i have beaten sephiroth 24 times today.
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    question about riku

    maybe the keyblade knew that he would choose darkness, so it chose sora instead.
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    sephiroths words

    ty. hehehehehe
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    sephiroths words

    hey, i just noticed today what sephiroth is saying whenever he attacks. when he puts the halo over soras head: "send heartless angel" which is an attack in ff7. when he turns blue: "i am the chosen one!" and, he thinks hes the chosen one for the promised land in ff7. when he summons the huge...
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    Question about End of the World

    no, i think the destroyed buildings are just to tell u, its the end of the world. and, yes, i saw the castle on the wall.
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    Anyone else ever do this?

    yeah, i tried it.
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    Goofy and Donalds outfits.

    im not exactly sure whats happening with the clothes, but i no it has nothin to do with kh2.
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    Kh ending

    pay no heed to any one who tells u differently. maybe about lvl 65, 70.
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    Root for me

    225 is possible with a gameshark. i got there too. root root
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    KH2 jap. site updated!

    if only i knew how to read japanese
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    Different Princess

    bahahahahha. i figured that out the first day i played.