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    How do I beat the final boss?

    Marluxia: have lots of 9's, 8's and 0 attack cards. have cure cards. I think i've seen Holy work on him. Attack only to brake his cards until you get on the machine. also try to jump up and hit him once after you brake his cards. ONLY ONCE Ansem: Continuusly use sleights to break his cards and...
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    KH RE:COM on PS2?

    its coming out for ps2? damn it, why not for gamecube or wii
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    Wii Wi-fi

    ok, i got a Wii and i cant connect to the internet with it even though i have the usb adapter and works fine for my DS. Also, whenever i test the connection, i get a different error code, so i can't tell what the actuall problem is. so...ya, i need help with this. UPADTE: hmmm ok how about...
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    KH III theory

    if this is posted already I DONT CARE, cuase im not going through all the threads as the title suggests, kh 3 theorys or posted here, such as plot, chars, worlds etc. i shall start: a long long time ago, before kh 1 in fact, the world was one. The "chasers/power ranger costume rip-off" created...
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    have you beaten the game?

    guy...read meh profile , and dont diss the weirdness. BOW before the weirdness
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    have you beaten the game?

    I just beat sora story. I'M SO HAPPY
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    faveroute boss

    Cloud because hes early in the game, and he's hard but not "dying 59 times till you kill him hard"
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    i need help finding stop

    accordin to the site i goes to now...your best bets would be wonder land or destiny islands. but destiny islands is better
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    most hated boss

    hmmm i would have to say that Captainhook was hard due to the bombs, Malecifent becuase of high cards and fire and Riku 4 becuse of the sonic blade rip off
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    2-D vs 3-D

    2-d would probably be better becuase if the game were 3-d it would be the exact same thing as the origanal kingdom hearts only more strategic and blocky
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    have you beaten the game?

    i was on marluxia but then something screwed up the save on my computer so I had to start over again and im stuck on Riku IV. So sad...
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    I need high lv cloud cards

    where can i find high level cloud cards becuase the hightest i have is 6 i think, and i want him to kick Riku 4 ass
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Vexen pisses me off. Why? becuase hes an annoying scientist like the white and black dude from bleach, and he has that annoying guard
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    YO. My name is none of your business, but i might tell you people some other time becuase im normally as bored...well i would say hell, but hell is exciting so that won't work. I don't actually have KH, I'm just obsessed over it and i curse myself for not having a playstation 2. I try to be...