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    New NA/EU Boss

    Jenova cast Time Compression on Gaia and Sin causing Shantotto throw Gabranth into Lightning, creating Noctis and throwing him into the Land of Departure, those blue swords are just one of his many weapons...oh, and he has a plaid skirt on underneath the coat.
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    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: E3 English BbS Trailer I thought Aqua's VA did a really good job so far, though if anything her voice sounds a little too deep for Aqua (which isn't necessarily a problem). The key thing is delivery and she didn't take any Steve Burton or Xion-esque pauses mid sentence. She is who I'm most...
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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    The only thing I am worried about is that Aqua's voice actor will....stop in the middle....of sentences....and ruin the whole thing. Hamill and Nimoy I am not worried about but so far all of these actress-voice actors (Xion is a big offender) don't have good delivery.
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    who will star in the next game has been down to 2 characters for a while

    I really hope it isn't Micky, he makes weird noises when he swings his keyblade, and makes teenagers do all of his work for him.
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    New Interview From Rebirth Wings [Need Translation]

    Aqua is quickly turning into a puppet master for this series, granted it's all unintentional, but still, in every game so far one of her actions is of great relevance.
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    Why don't the characters age?

    They were too lazy to create a new model for Aqua.
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    Will BBS get censored?

    If your interested in BBS chances are you have seen the KHIIFM movie, which makes two of those not spoilers at all.
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    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    1. Birth By Sleep, game play is very well done, better than Press X to win, rich in storyline 2. KH2-While it does suffer from press X to win, it does have some good story line 3. KH1-It was good but had many pet peeves (Not being able to open things in combat) 4. 358/2 Days-Did fill some plot...
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    the similarity

    Both of these scenes possibly suffer from this, but Terra's does even more so. Anyone find it strange that Terra goes out of his way to tell Riku not to tell anyone he held Terra's keyblade. Personally I think Nomura does it just to mess with us sometimes. Also in Aqua's scene, seeing her grab...
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    Poor Axel.

    Axel wasn't the most honest friends, granted nobody, but still. I'm sure he never told Roxas exactly what he did in C.O. When it's time to bring Xion back, does Axel give him a nice long explanation why he have her a nice karate chop to the back of the neck. It also seems fitting that his friend...
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    Is Ven a waste of time?

    Ven isn't a waste of time, but he seems to be the least important of the three storyline wise, in terms of what he does. I'm starting to see a pattern whenever I watch a seen with Ven and either Terra or Aqua. Each of them keeps telling him to stop running around all the worlds. Of course he...
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    Poor Axel.

    Axel's story isn't that sad considering losing his friends is pretty much his fault.
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    so uh

    Granted there is no heart to go along with this (maybe some schizophrenia) but Roxas also probably counts for something.
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    Zack's story

    Considering Nomura fondness for Gackt aka Genesis, I would say it's quite possible, though I'm not sure he would translate well into the KH style.
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Ven isn't as useless as Kairi, but he fulfills the roll.
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Ven's the Kairi of this game, Terra's the Riku and Aqua's the Sora
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    If it was Angeal the game would end with a big lecture about honor.
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    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    The way ATW speaks makes me think this somehow is happening after II.
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    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    TAV must have been takin it easy
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    "I have also cleared Aqua’s story The level of difficulty is incomparable to Terra’s story." So does this mean Aqua is going to be the Critical Mode of this game? Figuratively speaking of course