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    theory...or question? nobody symbol theory

    the oone i think is going to be the man who lost his memory and thing and call himself is DS cuz everything he's going to remember is his masters name , but terra when his eyes change to yellow/orange that means he's going to transform to something that MX want him to be cuz Mx says to terra ...
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    VAT representations

    how can you now that terra is a dark person , just because you saw it in the trailer those who made the game is not that stupid to reveal for us already that terra is dark it must made him dark at that moment then later to be a good again who knows
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    Xehanort an Unveresed??

    no maybe he's not a unversed but who could be his unversed maybe is it matser xehanort cuz after all he's says to him in a video come to my origin i'm tired of waitng terra , Terra and MX has big connection terra belongs to MX origin
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    Xehanort an Unveresed??

    i'm going to give you a question and a fact . first wirh the question Question: is a unbirth and a unversed the same or is it something else? Fact: they start as a unversed/unbirth , human , heartless , nobody . because the unbirth is the opposite of birth so technicually they are not born yet...
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    The Secret Ansem's Report Master Xehanort Theory

    when you read those another report it's not xehanort or ansem the wise because xeahnort without an X = Another cuz you can see when xemnas wants to go to that room of sleep and talk to the armor he wrote codes first Another that'shis true name then he wrote on the computer atw other apprentices=)
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    VAT representations

    couldn't agree more:D Ven's Keyblade is right, the sky shows the light=ven darkness=aqua and twillight= terra this is really odd i must say:D
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    Quick Question about MX.

    i don't know anything about the unbirths but what i do know is that MX and terra are connected if you see in this movie: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - JUMP FESTA 2008 Trailer SUBTITLE then you can see that MX tells terra: to cross the wall between light and darkness, to my origin...