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    Kingdom Hearts 2 European Release Date Discussion

    and spain? no 29 ;_;? poor me >_>
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    yeah spain will have spanish voices heheh.. the only problem i have..and i hope is a bad joke..is the voice actor of sora,who dubbed ash ketchum,chicken little among many others.. his voice isn't nothing liek sora would sound =( well let's wait until 29 september
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    For Europeans and Australians only

    according to many magazines..29 september..at least..in spain :s
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    Did Anyone?

    Ansem please..can you put picture of ansem????*-*
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    Did Anyone?

    only aerith and yuffie.. and if isn't very effort for you ..cloud :)
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    Did Anyone?

    i want aerith and yuffie ¬¬ T_T PS: OMG THE TWILIGTH TOWN pics are awesome o.o
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    Did Anyone?

    can you post aerith and yuffie?..if is don't ask too much :)
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    Once you have KH2...will you play KH?

    HOW CAN YOU ANSWER NO?and do you consider a kh fan??>_> i will replay now..and always *-*
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    aerith helps him emotionally..anf tifa with her power..is so easy.. anywais ..like nomura..i prefe aerith ^^
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    Rinoa is not present in the game but...SPOILERS

    THEN WHAT MEANS THIS LETTER?makes no sense...maybe from cloud? i ear that he disapears with sephirot to another world...:s
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    Hoped you like Sephiroth before cause (Spoilers)

    I Want To Kill Him..i Hate Him >: )
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    cloud sidestory

    someone has arrived to cloud's sidestory??...what happens in that story???nobody is talking about it..and since cloud is a popular character o_O
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    Spoilers- Cloud's story!

    Re: all of cloud side story4 people who are playing the I want to know also..
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    Tifa // Young Ansem // New Keyblades

    is still staring at the ansem pic :drool: sora and roxas: now we will ignored..for a time ¬_¬
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    Tifa // Young Ansem // New Keyblades

    tifa was confirmed after all....but..OMG!!!! anseeeeeeem!!!! he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!! should i kilñl him when i play????noooo >_>
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    for those who have the game

    there are any new ff and disney charaters??
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    Tifa Confirmed?!

    ..are you so pathetic..to love a girl for her boobs? poor tifa....poor girl...really..i whis she has no boobs in kh2.. if she's in the game...
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    The Rumor Of Vincent Comes Again With Power

    first sorry for my english -_- second is this well i visit 5 or 6 pages of kh in japanse and in the news of today.. all the kh pages coincidice in one thing.: vincent is gona be in kh2 !! the bad thing is that the japneses pages use an old american scan as reference..that everybody in the...
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    is sora cool or what?

    Sora Is And Always Will Be The Coolest/cutest Character!
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    KH2 images from Official Site!!!!

    muy buenas como ya te he dicho :D