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    Was kh com worth it

    Oh c'mon, of course it was worth it! It is an essential part of the Kingdom Hearts trilogy! You NEED it's story to complete the trilogy's plot. Without it, you won't get what's the deal with Sora at the start of KH2, who Namine is, and you won't meet the COM branch of the Org. (OK, Axel does...
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    For anyone whose watched all cutscenes...(Spoilers!)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/kh2cutscenes.php I don't want to download most of them because I'd rather watch them in English when I play the game. However, as a Kairi fanboy, I'd like to know which scenes listed on the site above does Kairi appear in (Aside from "Kairi Goes To Twilight Town", that...
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    complete order/ enigmatic man

    "This is kind of obvios but, with this new female order member that supposedly in the screen, that meens all the members are finally revealed!" Actually, as I explained in the KH2 Org. thread, there's a good chance that the female member is Larxene. According to translation, the magazine scan...
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    Small piece of a new scan

    "no it wouldnt be larxene (although i wish it was...) Larxene faded away (or died) when Sora beat her in battle." Check my post on the Org. thread. Andrel of Gamefaqs has translated the scan and it strongly implies that we've seen this new member before. Putting the feminine body shape...
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    Tron last 'Surprise World'?

    It's simply the last "Surprising" world, the last world that you're shocked to see in the game. That means: -No Pixar worlds -No Final Fantasy worlds So rumors about Pixar or FF worlds can stop now.
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    "I'm assuming that before he reveals any of the older members that he would unhood all the new ones..." Yeah, that's a good possibility, seeing as the new members seem to have all been revealed (well, I'm not sure the Superior has been, but I highly doubt someone like him would be revealed...
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    I posted this elsewhere, but Larxene just got a major boost in the realm of revival possibility. There was text by the picture of the new hooded female member shown in the recent scan, and Andrel of Gamefaqs has translated it. He says it strongly hints that we've seen this character before.
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    New Levels Revealed By Toy Maker!

    "Sigh"...I saw these figures a long time ago. It's a series of general Disney character figures, the info on this page is terribly, horribly mis-informed. I mean c'mon, it says from "KINGDOM HEARTS" not from Kingdom Hearts 2, that's a dead give-away that the facts are screwed up. Sorry, but...
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    Girl kidnapped by Axel

    LOL at whoever says nobody in KH ever changed clothes (I guess they never payed attention to Sora, Donald, and Goofy in Halloween Town, Donald and Goofy at the beginning and end of the game, Riku at Hollow Bastion, etc.) And I think it's Kairi. The hair length is the same as it was in the...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    OK, I'm switching over sides and saying that's not Zexion. While I still believe the other member in the trailer very well could be Vexen due to various reasons, it's been discovered that the Zexion-look alike A. Has long hair (you can see the edge of his hair flowing for a brief second as he's...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    "this guy is huge compared to zexion and the new guys chest is almost twice as big as zexion's." Like someone said, that's because of the way he's turned. The one Sora is kneeling in front of shortly afterwards is the same guy in the same area, and when he's frontwards he looks normal. "Also...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    "We actually witnessed vexen disappearing into the void...and he was slashed in the back of the neck by Axel... Not flaming here, but honestly, how do you think he is coming back, with blue hair no less?" Hmmm...I dunno, we don't know enough about the Order...how do we know they actually die...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    "I don't get why people are so stubborn enough to say that the COM member have to come back, the door swings both ways Ansem22 <_<" Maybe it's because even more people are stubborn and say they can't possibly come back. Sorry, it's none of you guys here, but people other places like Gamefaqs...
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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    That's Zexion, Nomura wouldn't make an new Org. member that looks the same as another Org. member unless he was cheap. 1) His arms aren't bulky, it just seemed that way when he's lifting his hood because the hood gets in the way. When you see Sora kneeling in front of him the next minute...
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    Concerning Ruxodo...

    About Ruxodo (the new Order member in this scan: http://www.sorasdomain.net/cutenews/data/upimages/New_Scan.jpg), nobody seems to have remembered that he's been heard of before. Remember the stream of info during the July Square-Enix party concerning the 8-minute trailer shown there? One part...
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    Small bits of News

    What the hell are you all talking about with the Nobody? When it says they are attributed to a certain type of Nobody, it means a type of Nobody ENEMY. Like Xaldin, he is attributed to the Nobodies that carry spears. It does NOT mean each member has their own humanoid Nobody, each member ARE...
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    xaldin in disney castle?

    "no they ARE dead. stop going into fantasy and get with the reality. they are NOT coming back. they ARE dead. there ARE only EIGHT members left." This from the guy who says Ansem is a Heartless, lol. "i hope they stay dead!!! but if they do come back that would suck!!! sora: WHY WON'T U...
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    xaldin in disney castle?

    "and i dont believe that the Org members who died in CoM are coming back. they will stay dead i think." Well, it was just confirmed that all 13 members don't just control elements, but they also control a certain type of Nobody each. That means that the Org memebrs in COM will HAVE to show up...
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    New scans 5/20

    The unknown in the shadows is Xardin.
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    That pic needs to be destroyed. This is the umpteenth time it's tricked someone! The one thing to remember about the Incredibles it only came out last year in 2005, and KH2 was in production since 2003. There wouldn't be enough time to put it into the game. (Plus, Disney and Pixar have broke up)