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    Who has played Days?

    Im just about maxed out on that. 70 hrs, and i fooled around alot, so idk.
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    Who has played Days?

    I've played it. =P I can't wait for an English translation.
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    do you think there was any worlds in kh2

    Agreed. Like, whats on the other side of Memory's Skyscraper? What's inside the buildings? Thats KH, not KH2 Hollow Bastion was weird, also.
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    So far it's Vexen (first). I can't get past it. On beginner.
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    Translated Days Gameplay Footage (Re:Riplai)

    Thats great. Only big thing that bothers me..Is the command menu ALWAYS red? I like the design of it, simple, similar to KHs, but I like how it changed Blue/Yellow/Red from KH2. Is this just because it's still in beta or something?
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    So I was reading the french instructions...

    Isn't a dingo a type of Australian dog? and isn't goofy a dog?
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    Do you even notice the change in sora's voice anymore??

    I noticed it. It only makes sense because he got older, right? So obviously, at the age he was, the older he got, the more his voice would change. Though it wouldn't be mega dramatic, it would still be different, as 2 was a year after the first. Either way, the game came out 2 or 3 years after...
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    "Fate of the Unknown"

    Hi everyone. I just recently found this song, I say it is great. But one thing that confuses me is where is it used? Is it in the special secret ending, or somewhere else. Sorry, just was interested.
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    Hi There.

    Hi everyone, I'm Anthony8123...You can call me just anthony, if you like ;) I swear, I won't bite anyone. I'm perfectly fine. Anyhow, I have been playing the series forever blah blah blah...Just a big warning: I have no clue what's going on with the new games, so i'll be like an idiot for...