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    Most hated Organization Member

    I would have to say i very much dislike Marluxia because there were far too many life bars to his health in Chain of Memories and having to attack for that long on a Gameboy is very annoying -__-; Plus, he's metrosexual or something with all the pink flowers (uh...)
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    Gwow this suks cause i can't see nothin in Mexico. I remember when i was in the states and saw the KH commercial on Disney Channel wih the secret laboratory thing. Is that what the 411 thing is all about? Shwow i really wanna watch it. *bangs head on the wall for missing out on cool and not-so...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    *sigh* Okay so MAYBE it wont work out. I still think it'd be fun.....*cries*
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    Well it doesn't have to be exactly like the real thing. Maybe a multiplayer game will be better. At least it can be where like a lot of KH fans get together and....hang out? I dunno, lol.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    So....whats wrong with a bunch of Soras? lol Okay they can maybe have different outfits 'n colors or something....XD
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    Okay I totally love online RPGs and was thinking if maybe in the future they could make a Kingdom Hearts online RPG. Yes I know its already is an RPG, but think of being able to be your favorite characters online with other people! Wow that would be SO cool.:) What do you guys think?:cool:
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    Pre-orders to Mexico?

    Well, actually, my dad works with the embassy so we get special mail service. Instead of having things shipped to us, it goes to texas, and then gets shipped to the embassy. So when my dad goes to work he picks up all packages from there.
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    Pre-orders to Mexico?

    Hey I pre-ordered the game since like the begining of March, but I live in Mexico City, so.....will the game arrive the 28th? Hmm, I hope I won't have to wait too long for them to ship it here. Maybe it will have to be postponed because we don't live in the U.S. (at the time) Anyone know...
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    KH2 Amusement Park?!

    Okay, thanks.....I almost had a heart attack...
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    KH2 Amusement Park?!

    An amusement park? Are they for real? OMG that would be so totally awesome! But I can't imagine they would make KH2 so special as to make an interactive park! Can you guys imagine walking throught the gates of FINAL FANASYLAND? Please tell me if I'm mistaken. *falls off chair* Here's where i...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone!!! :)2006:)
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    Kingdom hearts Com: Gold soul eater

    Do things like that appear on the COM Stragety Guide book?
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    Happy Birthday COM!!

    Happy birthday Chain of Memories from the wonderful world of Disney and Square
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    Game Cost

    Is that in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars?
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    Game Cost

    I wonder how much KH2 will cost in the U.S. Do you guys think it will be more than 40 dollars or less? If KH2 is going to have 2 DVD's, then it must be pretty costly.
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    Is there any more trailers?

    I think I read somewhere that the COMPLETE KH2 Promo Trailor from Japan was going to be the last trailor until Kh2 comes out. By the way, does anyone know what the Jump Fiestas are?
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    KH2 ESRB Rating

    I go for E10+. I highly doubt it will be TEENS because it has disney characters in it. If it is, then I think Disney will have a bad reputation because parents won't know which stuff is good or bad. I mean, when Walt Disney was around you never saw him making a PG movie.....ever! It was all...
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    Kh2 Box Cover

    I was thinking the same thing. But does it really matter that they have to change covers? Next you'll have the Japanese complain to Nomura that the Americans got a better cover than them, and he'll have to give them something extra for the game that U.S. gamers won't get. Argh!! It'll be KH...
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    Kh2 Box Cover

    I'm neutral about this box cover mostly because the silver backround really gets on my nerves. I wish it was like the origional picture with the clouds and sky. By the way is that Riku in the faded left hand side? I can't really tell, but if it isn't then that would really stink. I like the...
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    A NEW Unconfirmed Promotional Trailer!!!

    Whe you say voice overs is that translations? Anyways, cool findings. = )