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    XIII Order Information Thread

    Closed a 59 paged thread filled to the brim with Order info....nice. 1. Mickey: I'm not really sure. I can't help feeling that I met him somewhere before... That's what Mickey says. He doesn't know for sure that he has met him, but he seems familiar. If he were related to Ansem, that...
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    Pic of the new female Org. member?

    ....Apparently, that means something different where I come from....to "put words in someone's mouth" is to shut them up from what I was taught.... EDIT: Or was that to "stuff their words back into their muth"? I get those mixed up....
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    Pic of the new female Org. member?

    the other side: What is wrong with you, you ignorant piece of.....curses are too dignified for you. And no, muffinman puts words into his mouth. Yes, no picture of the NEW woman of the Org. (for god sakes, there is already one girl, her name is Larxene, get to know her....) seeing as how SE now...
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    Rumored Possibilities

    Aladdin and Atlantica....I thought those are considered old as well... well, at least Aladdin seeing how it's an fairy tale. And I believe the ones with the best possibility of those are Neverland(just because of gut feeling), Robin Hood(not much of a transition:just change them into...
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    DiZ:What he is.

    http://ansemreport.com/sm/index.php?topic=172.0 Hey buddies! All credit for this theory goes to Golden Yak of Ansemreport.com.(as seen in link). My opinion is there as well, but I'll post it down what I wrote in here as well. If you agree, good for you. If you don't.... then you'll know my...
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    Deep Dive, Riku and BHK

    Ummm.....chosen destiny. If they are N.E.O.s, then they're nobodies. If they're nobodies, they're shells. If they're shells, that means they don't have hearts because shells are just the body and soul.
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    Deep Dive, Riku and BHK

    Weren't those Dusk in that trailer? I believe they were, if I'm thinking of the right one.
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    Deep Dive, Riku and BHK

    I'm not sure if I agree with the theory, but I have to say that Riku most likely can still control heartless seeing as he now EMBRACES his darkness. But he might not want to do it for to control them he may have to dive too far into the darkness(oooooh, that made me think of Deep Dive.....wonder...
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    Damn Bhk Threads

    .......Zeal, be quiet now. Lay low, duck, hide behind a rock, something, becuase for that statment, you gonna get some shots your way. Just sayin'. And it is ironic, isn't it?
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    Damn Bhk Threads

    Ok, I love the hate threads and all, very friendly, but why must you make a thread on how you hate people for liking BHK without knowing anything about him. Let's just go with this: Girls: If they like him they think he's hot and would love it if he was real, which somehow frightens me. Boys:He...
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    dusk disscusion thread

    Dusk are Nobodies. The Org. is Nobodies. The difference is that somehow the Org. became different from those Nobodies that they control. Don't know how, I had thoughts on it, but it doesn't connect well. And once again, like I said in that other thread, there is 1) An Official Organization...
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    BHKs Awakening and Sora

    Yeah, and Sora is a feminine name.....your point? And the story sounds good, seeing as there are those key points that connect, but like others said, there's no point in trying to brainwash others into believing until the game comes out. Then you and that other kid can gloat as much as they...
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    I always pronounced Vexen like Vixen just because its easier and its funny. Girly bastard. And Namine I always say Na-Mean just because its hard to change once you start but now that I that I think about it Na-min-ay sounds good and and for some reason Ya-min-ay just sounds sexy.
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    Diz is not Amsem

    Ok, iholdthekeys(and everyone else who didn't understand), when everyone was sayind DiZ is Ansem, we were referring to him being Ansem's body. That is what we all meant. We did not mean that DiZ was the crazed man trying to find Paradise with darkness(I swear, I feel like I'm talking about...
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    Diz is not Amsem

    Ummmm....besides all the other things KrytenKoro said, when the body is cast off, it is cast off with the soul as well. Now what could it mean if a body has a soul. Now the heart keeps memories, so Ansem as just a heart would remember what he was doing after he regained/kept his memories and...
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    is sephiroth in this game

    He isn't. Or at least that is what people say according to an interview. But what I notice is there is something weird about Nomura's wording when he talks about Sephiroth. But he doesn't have to come back,since there is the fact that someone else could be Cloud's enemy. Hey, who wants to guess?
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    Deep Dive

    Guys, stop calling him an ass. Either its not effecting him or he is taking this rejection very harshly, so why continue it. And KH2Researcher, don't ask others if you can make a thread. Just before you do, think of how other people will react to it and if you can fight back to what they are saying.
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    You don't see the ally, but you see his HP/MP bar right above Sora's and someone says it was Beast but I don't see it.
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    Deep Dive

    Did I not make myself clear?
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    Deep Dive

    Everyone here who didn't just join already understands it. Good day.