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    Help: how to unlock paradox Titan Cup and hade cup?

    all of forms is @ level 7 but Summon is not. I guess I have to leveling up my summons hardcore >_< (It is @ level 4)
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    Help: how to unlock paradox Titan Cup and hade cup?

    I beat all of 4 original cups and 2 paradox cups; but some reason that I can not get access to last two cups?
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    afterthoughts ect......N/A version only!!!!!!!!

    what did they censored? and what do they look different (Guns-wise)
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    Kingdom Hearts2 summons

    KH_Pro, your name made me laugh. Show how KH Pro you are.. Pongo, Mushi and Yuna, Rikku and Paine ARE NOT SUMMONS. ASK PEOPLE THAT IMPORTED THE GAMES~! They would says no.
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    Kingdom Hearts2 summons

    LOL NO.. (they are not summons. they are just NPC that give you keyblade and etc.)
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    Kingdom Hearts2 summons

    yup only 4. (I Guess Square-Enix saw how people dont use summons in KH1) Many people dont use summons in KH1 >_>
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    Do anyone have picture of Seifer says OWNED

    EGM Required them to take it off from KH Sites. (but they never says anything about forumss :P)
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    Do anyone have picture of Seifer says OWNED

    thanks you XD (those picture cracked me up XD)
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    Do anyone have picture of Seifer says OWNED

    same as topic..
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    Who like Harvest Moon Series?

    I wonder how many people in this community have got their hands on Harvest Moon?
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    Name of Turks Members

    I know 6 Turk Memmbers (include former) Reno, Rufus, Tseng, Elena, Rude Former Member: Vincent. I wonder what is name of Turk members from Last Order or Before Crisis
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    Joonny Depp Jap article

    Sound good ^^
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    What is your first 5 RPG that you played in your life and what is your top 5 RPG.

    When I look back in my past and remember most of classic games that I played awhile i was young.. I wonder what is your first 5 RPG games that you played and top 5 games that you like during whole of your life, around the video games.
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    New Job in FF11 (Rumor/waiting for confirmed) Dicussion if it will influence FF serie

    Would it be added to our series or would it backfire?
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    Names of new heartless?

    He did that before... (two times I think. I meant I am going to talk to moderator to delete his other 3 posts and edit the post for him. (I was not talking about banned tho)
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    Names of new heartless?

    LOL Quad-Posting?!?! :rolleyes: If I catch you doing that again, and I will speak to moderator about this :D
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    What animal is Peat?

    If you look at old Pete so he look more like cats, but the cartoon changed over the ages that Pete's look become doggish. Pete is actually cat that look like dogs :P
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    Show your GIF Collections :D

    I am huge fan of GIFs and love to collecting the GIFS. =D OMG!!! MATRIX KIDS =D