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    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    i'm surprised that there is no thread for this awesome game made by atlus. does anybody knows it? it's a chibi drawing tactical game with an awesome and very hillarious storyline. it's kind of a better version of makai kingdom and phantom brave but older
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    Brave Fencer Musashi

    Anyone knows this game? it's old anf it's for ps1 but still an excellent game!! and it's not the ps2 version samurai legend musashi. it's the original start of the musashi series!!
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    dude you people are so lucky!!!!!!!!!! i probably won't get kh2 for a week from now coz i live in indonesia and it will probably take a while to get it shipped to my country
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    Strategy Guide..

    dun have to get the guide, the game is ismpler thank kh1 and is quite easy itslef. i wouldn't mind getting a guide for it for collection though
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    Moogle levels

    the mystery goo isn't that hard to get, go to deep jungle, they have tons of white mushroooms. kh1 is not even half as bad as kh final mix where they have 9 new enemies and to get a specific item you have to hit a monster like 50 times in 10-20 seconds to get it and therews only like a 5% chance...
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    What's the item...

    he does, it's possible by talking to the train and going to sunset hill if you want
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    Need Help!! ...

    yup it's tru but only in cups you can use summons in and where your drive gauge recarges every match. ohana gets you about 250 points pre press and you rack up ltons of points with it and in a cup that is the only way to get 10000 points if i rememebr coz the other ways won't get you many...
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    Sora's Clothes

    yup black was the combination of colours the 3 faeries gave him coz each of them wanted a specific colour so sora told them to hurry up coz he doesn't care and they all combines their colours to make black
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    OFFICIAL Anti Form Cause

    really? doesn't antiform has all the same moves whether you got it while treying to do master or final form?
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    game difficulty and save slots

    make one slot at a time but if you've played the normal jap game i suggest you play 2 slots. one for normal and one for expert just in case. personally i would play the expert eng version
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    Magic Combining?

    does it really say you can fuse magic, even for the jap ver coz i played the jap ver and i don't recall magic fusing. i think it was high level magic. when you use magic with wisdom forms it looks cooler and is more powerful. same applies for master and final form. drive form can't use magic
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    Sora's Clothes

    no, the faeries gave him new clothes coz his old ones were too small for him. what enable him to use drives is another item whihc is an orblike ball or orb.
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    Favorite Drive Form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    drive form of course, it's fast and comboish and yet it can charge in the air and has the beam moves with bounce the enemy by using huge shockwaves. final form is also good but hard to control coz u might waste some precious drive time with it
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    Need Help!! ...

    kill enemies together for more bonuses points. like use magnera to attract them together and the kill them all with a thundaga or something it works, i've finished it just like that and ended up with 1500 points
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    Questions before tuesday comes

    yup the chains appear only at the beggining of the game though like the first time in olympus i remeber you cant use forms. maybe the break ability is not complete like maybe it's something break instead coz i didn't find a break ability as well. i took 50 hours to beat sephiroth and ultima...
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    What's the item...

    i don't think you can only get it with roxas coz u can go back to the twillight town later with sora right? and it's in a chest right obviously so it's part of the chest side quest and can't that be done by sora as well??
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    Form Abilities

    brave form gives you high jump wisdom form gives you air dash master form gives your the double jump, think it was called air slide final form gives you glide u're right, to get glide you need a lot of work trying to get the final form itself
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    KH:CoM game corrupt?

    that happnes alot to my other gba games too like my ff tactics advanced. according to me your best bet is just to play it on the pc and put your files on a flash card if you wanna play it on gameboy
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    Larxene help!

    run around a lot and break her slegihs with zero cards and don't use sleights. just pound on her with normal 7-9 digit card and have some cure cards like about 2 or 3. do not use cure on sleights
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    moogle points?

    the best place to rack them up is in oblivion castle, tons of stuff to destroy for moogle points