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    KH Computer Remake

    wow it sounds cool any idea when u can post any pictures like you said
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    Email from Square Enix

    Yea but dont give up what if they let us down already but what if they send both of them out on the same day that would be nice but so are some dreams im not giving up hope but it looks slime
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    Rikus nobody?

    Did riku turn into a heartless which i think he did then what happend to his nobody or was one not made i wasnt sure if he did turn into a heartless but i was wondering
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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    o thx i just saw that and didnt know
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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    yea but i was whatching a scene when i redid the game and when he is ighting threw the tron world heartless he kills them and a heart goes in the air so i thought only keyblade kills could do that because in another scene i saw jack kill heartless and a heart didnt fly up so im confused
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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    yea i noticed it to but i have a question also i fill so stupid but does leon use a keyblade if he dosent theres another question can someone plz tell me