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    Too Many Cut Scenes

    I wish they had the skip option in KH1. God, I have that stupid "not Clayton! D:" scene burned into into mind from seeing it over 9000 times. Anyways, I personally liked the amount of cutscenes. My favorite part of RPGs are the story and cutscenes. Though the 2 second ones where all they...
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    I pronounce the CoM members Mar-luck-sia Leck-say-us Lork-seen Veck-sen Zeck-seeon. But you should pronounce them the way you read them, since it's your perspective. Unless you have no clue whatsoever how to read them.
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    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    Having Golbez or Kefka be an optional boss like Sephiroth was would be epic. I also want to see Genesis, Rydia, Balthier, etc. Just no FFV characters. >:(
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    Opinion on Demyx

    1. Sorry every Org member can't be super manly and macho like Xigbar/Lexaeus. 2. Pfft yeah right. He owned in the second battle with him. 3. I find him sweet, adorable, and funny.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    I thought she was better looking in the first game. D:
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    Why does Ven look almost exactly like Roxas

    actually she says "inrelevant", which annoys the crap out of me every time she does.
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    Axel's true name?

    Because we all know that the most masculine person in KH is Larxene. ;)
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    Axel's true name?

    Not really. :/ And plus, Marluxia isn't exactly the manliest person in KH.
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    Why did Kairi forget Sora?

    Sora didn't remember every single thing about Kairi, just the fact that she existed. And in KH2 Kairi knew that he existed when the others didn't. She didn't make them forget, she made Sora forget, causing them to forget. pfft I doubt it. I also doubt that Kairi's pendant changed to its...
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    Why did Kairi forget Sora?

    Yeah, she replaced memories of Kairi, but I doubt she took the time to replace every one of Sora's 14 years worth of memories. Because Namine made him remember Kairi. She still didn't restore all of his memories yet, so some the chains were still broken. Everyone started to remember him again...
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    I think that was HB, and he "recognized" it because Kairi's (a former HB resident) heart was inside him
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    Why did Kairi forget Sora?

    Because Namine erased Sora's memories of pretty much everything except Riku/Donald/Goofy. And memories are chained together, so if the chain is severed then Sora and his friends would forget each other. Sora forgot about Kairi, and Kairi forgot about Sora.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    At least they aren't near-replicas. A personality similar to Zell's. I'm not bashing Hayner. I am one of the very few who tolerated Zell, so him being a Zell clone isn't a huge con for me. But Hayner isn't one of my favorite characters.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    I don't hate him like I do Kairi, but he annoyed me sometimes and kind of came off as a Zell wannabe. And he was even bitchier than Roxas. Oh, and Chicken Little is made of fail.
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    Could FF7 Zack be in KH:Birth by Sleep?

    True. I just noticed that would be a problem. They could rename her "Bran" like that whole "Leon" thing. I'm kidding, if no one can notice.
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    Could FF7 Zack be in KH:Birth by Sleep?

    Having Golbez, Kefka, Rydia, and/or Terra (FFVI) in BBS would be epic.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Kairi and Maleficent. They make Maleficent so lame in KH2. D: They ruined her coolness. "I'm gonna wreck havoc on everyone!!!LOLZ." ....for a home? I also dislike Xaldin and Hayner.
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    Riku vs Roxas

    How doesn't he? I don't think he's confirmed to be the final boss, but it makes sense.
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    why is Aqua so cool

    But him being chubby makes him cute. :(