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    The Strongest Org Member!!

    If the organization had a fighting tournament, i think Marluxia would be the strongest..Yes even stronger then Xemnas, he had to tap into the darkness of Kingdom Hearts to be a match for Sora Tell me who u think would be the strongest. =)
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    Ending of Roxas' segment

    yeah every time u killed off an org. member, the org member would be like, "ROXAS, WHY?", so that made me kinda wish you were roxas when you fought the org.
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    Hey Xaldin, what happens to Roxas? (like what is his status at the end of the game?)
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    kh2 keyblade pics?

    does anybody have pics of the new keyblades? i've seen other threads with links to keyblade pics, but the images dont show up. so if u have a pic or a link that works please post them Thanks
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    What would your organization name be?

    Ok for example my name is Rolando, and if I was apart of the organization or the XIII order my name(or names) could be Naxdolor Dorxaldon Raxondol u have to include every letter in ur name with an X of course and state ur real name
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    About the Ending (not a spoiler)

    Is the ending sad as Nomura said? (please dont give any facts, an answer like yes, no, maybe, somewhere along those lines will be great. Thank You!!!:) )
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    Where's mickey's car?

    supposed in the trailer, u see BHK's friends riding mickey's car,(the car seen in the background of DD) can somebody pin point were the hec it is in Deep Dive? cuz i cant find it
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    What other Character would u fuse with Sora?

    I was thinking, since u can fuse donald or goofy with sora and sora has a new form like "Brave form", i would fuse BHK with Sora (cant think of a form name) . So who would u fuse Sora with, and what is the name of the form?
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    Final Boss?

    So im wondering, who we will fight last in kh2? my guess is the EM or Diz, but we really do not know their intentions (if they are good or bad guys), so do u guys think there will be a "main" bad guy we fight at the end of the game?
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    Where's Zidane?

    I was thinking, since they put vivi (character from ff ix), im starting to think Zidane (main character in ff ix) is going to be in KH 2. What do u guys think?
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    BHK's two partners...

    really? where was the fact about BHK having two partners mentioned? (oh yeah i really doubt they would be max and pj)
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    Square Enix or Disney?

    yeah, sora, kairi, ansem, riku, the organization, BHK , Namine there owned by both square and disney, and i cant really imagine them in other games
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    Paradise ?

    when the words "We'll go together" appear, we see the four unknowns in the background, and the duel wielding unknown is one of them, who we presume is the BHK
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    Paradise ?

    As many of you have seen, in deep dive there is a scene, were the word "paradise" pops up, then a second later the phrase "We'll go together" pops up. I know the question of "were does true paradise lie?" is brought up in Ansem Report 12 (and if any of you have any theories of where true...