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    I feel stupid that I just realized this T_T

    It's kinda similar in a way coz they are related to the heart shape. You are just plain rude...
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    Mickey to the rescue: 3 times. All in the fight with Xaldin >:3
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    Fanfiction ► Twilit Road to Dawn

    LOL~ Love your story!!! XDDD Keep up the good work!!! XP
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    My aunt bought the game and she gave it 2 me. XP
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    Help/Support ► F***ING KH HATERS

    Re: F****ING KH HATERS Bullies!!! They suck big time!!! U r not wierd bcoz u like kh! If u r wierd, den wuldnt the whole kh community is 2? XP
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    OMG. Re: CoM

    High chance. It wuld b soooooooooo cool!!! XP
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    OMG. Re: CoM

    Yeah!!! I m happy 4 u guys (n myself) since the games gonna b in english!!! Yay no nd 2 import it!!! XP
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    I think it will cum out, even tho u nd 2 w8 real long... XP
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    Favorite songs from KHII!

    Let's see... Santuary and Sanctuary- after the battle... XP
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    Xion theory(?) may have been said already, maybe not...

    Xion as Sora's Nobody??? ROFL she's a girl 4 heaven's sake. If a guy cn produce Nobodies which r the opposite of their own gender, KH will b in turmoils. It will b waaaay 2 confusing. Yeah, the similarities between Ven and Roxs is freakishly uncanny. They may hav relationship wth each other, bt...
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Saw tis game on a nds box cover. So.. it's a game made by S-E? Cool! Hey i think mayb there's tis game in sum stores around here, since i hav seen the box... XP
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    org... bad guys?

    They use sum mayb despicable things like usin a hero 2 help themselves 2 cre8 a better world. Bt it's 2-hw shuld i put it- continue their survival or sumthing. Yeah, they r selfish, using others 2 accomplish their own goals. Argh i dunno hw 2 put it! Those guys b4 me juz snatch away all i wanna...
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    Xigbar in BBS

    Well, yeah it is possible tat we will see the 6 apprentices of AtW appearing in future games. They may hav sum connection with VAT, tho i dunno wat the connection is... XP
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    Organization XIII heartless

    Everybody doubt so.... It wuld b cool, if nt hard 2 fight them. Bt still, seeing hw nomura 1s it in BBS, definitely sumthing tat is related 2 Organisation 13 will nt dare 2 show its face again. XP
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    Rhyme Time~!!!

    Ok, i dunno wat m i doing, bt i wanna start a new thread. So the rules r like tis: 1) I start a rhyme n u do the rest. Try 2 rhyme in a funny way, watever u like, EXCEPT 4 obcene jokes. So... Let's rhyme time!!! XP (P.S: Rhyme with time!) (P.P.S: When the goin gets tough, try a new rhyme!!!)
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    Fanfiction ► Others (KH fanfic)

    OMG!!! Tis story's so darn nice!!! I nvr tot i really read tis type of stories, since i only read those with humour only. So... It's nice, really. Btw r u emphasizin on them being gays? Sry if i m rude! XP
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    Who here still plays this game?

    I wanna play!!! U c, if i had the chance, i wuld try 2 find it... Bt it seems tat my mother hid it 2 well... XP
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    Fanfiction ► My Fanfic!

    Hmm.... Is the prologue a dream or wat? Or is he K.Oed? XP
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    Fanfiction ► My Fanfic!

    Er... Ok... Yeah. Continue?
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    Black fungus and invisibles and fat bandits and.... Lots. XP