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    Who You Think Should Do The Voices In BBS

    Terra: Milo Ventimiglia Ven: Jesse McCartney Aqua: Megan Fox Xenhanort (Old Man): Ian McKellan Xehanort's Aprentice: David Gallagher (If it turns out to be a Riku-like character, since he is wearing Dark Riku's clothing)
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Does anyon ehave a really good image of the official artwork thatw as seen at TGS 07? The one that has Sora on the top, the organization on the right and the knights, oldman and apprentice on the left?
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    Images help

    I am looking for some images that I can't find anywhere, can someone help me? I am looking for NEW pics/ screenshots of Axel (mainly from the Roxas part of the game) and pics from teh opening FMV of Roxas stepping on the stained glass floor of Sora (emphasis on the stained glasss of Sora) Thanks :)
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    Need help, MAJOR

    I was fooling around with my computer settings and now everything is too "long". Things that are square (icons for example) are now long rectangles. Movies I watch, like on itunes are now long rectangles instead od squares. Everything including menus and icons are now smushed together and...
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    KH2 BHK intro image

    does anyone have a image of the stained glass floor that the BHK (or Roxas) lands on? It's the one of sora and riku etc.
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    Able to play on my On PC?

    Is there anyway I can play Kingdom Hearts on my computer? I own the game and I have a controller usb for my computer so i was wondering if I was able to play the game on my computer?
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    Why so long for the US?

    Why is the game taking longer for the US version to come out? Are they adding more stuff? Or is it just the voices?
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    Viewtiful Joe

    Does anyone know where I can download viewtiful Joe so I can play it on my computer? I would probally want the PS2 version so I can play as Dante. Also the same as Viewtiful Joe 2 also. If you don't know where, do you know where I can downlaod the torrent file?
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    KH2 Cover

    Does anyone have apicture of the cover without the logos and everything just the picture? Also If possible can sonmmeione make it into a wallpaper for me and tell me how to make it into a wallpaper? Thanks
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    is there a full version of the current japanese version of passion for download on mp3, if yes than where can i get it
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    Favourite Order Member

    Axel is awsome but now Xigbal is looking awsome with the eye patch and scars sort of like naked snake from MGS3
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    New Trailer question

    You're all right but Im saying does his japanese voice sound like any of the other japanese voice actor's voice from thr first game to compare the voices t see if he a shell etc. of a character we've already seen in the 1st game
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    New Trailer question

    In the newest trailer, TGS 2005, they show the engmatic man and he talks. For those who have played or know whta his voice sounds like, who's character that we've seen does it sound like, this might give us a clue to who's shell/side/etc. it is
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    FFVII AC product questions

    Hi, I bought FFVII: AC off of ebay and its kicks butt!!! It's so cool, but I live in the U.S. so it has subtitles of course, anyway for those who ahve seen or heard about this, there's a part when the short haired *****SPOLIER Sephiroth Clone***SPOILER has a cellphone rimngtone of the Final...
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    Doom 3 for PC help

    Hi, I need help. Whenever I play Doom 3 on my PC, whenever I move my mouse up or down or left or right, or when the lights flicker in the game,a line of digital "noise" in form of rectangles move across my screen for a few seconds. How can I fix this?
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    David Boreanaz as Leon for 2?

    no prob sorry if there was a little attitude in my reply, I had a bad day. So he is definatley going to do it, nice, if possible, is there a source?
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    David Boreanaz as Leon for 2?

    he was angel on Buffy and Angel, so you'd rather read than listen, anyway ok
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    David Boreanaz as Leon for 2?

    Does anyone know if Boreanaz will return as Leon ind KH2? I hope he does, he gives Leon more character he's a perfect fit.
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    Cloud and Leon

    I am having trouble locating the images of Leon and Cloud fighting together, can someone give me a link to them? Thanks, sorry for the trouble.
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    I was looking on the recently updated cast list on imdb.com and it says Sephiroth- Lance Bass. It looks like he will return, I mean if Cloud returns in his Advent Children costume maybe sephiroth will.