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    358/2 days in North America

    I think it will
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    I think Sephy should be replaced at some points he gets a little boring like when you keep pwning him
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    I thought it was okay
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    how sora, roxas and xion can wield KK

    Yeah if you could steal a keyblade we would probably see more people with Keyblades
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    How come only in Japan?

    I know it's selfish of those greedy Japs to keep their FMs
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    coded question

    This. Mickey pwns
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    I would like to have a reverse/rebirth thing in Days but don't see it happening
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    Demyx wasn't too bad
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    KH: Coded

    Same here, won't be getting a phone in a while, almost certainly not one powerful enough to handle Coded
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    Who's this Org member in Coded?

    I heard once that it could be Xehanort trying to somehow revive the apprentices. Don't know how though
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    Days Halloween Town Question

    I'd like to have them in normal cloaks thank you
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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    Re: Does new Aqua info change orderyou play BBS Sorry Yttrixium
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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    I had a tough time deciding between Ven and Aqua but i learned she can float with her keyblade. I moved her to second (going best to last)
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    Why is 358/2 Days delayed?

    They don't want to rush the game. It's better to have a delayed great game then a bad game that came too soon
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    BBS Demo Impresion

    Seen these before but some people haven't
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    FF characters in BBS

    I loved that game
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    What will Square be showing at TGS

    New here and would just like to know what will be shown at TGS I know BBS 358/2 nd Coded will be there but what else
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    Hello question about Coded

    New here and I saw that Coded might get ported to the PSP. Is this true? I would like it to be Parent's won't let me get a cell phone