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    3 knight reference names

    ok i don't know if they have been given names for reference as BHK was used for roxas, but how about this: BKW- biggest keyblade wielder (since he is the tallest and has the biggest keyblade) GKW- girl keyblade wielder, or SKW- shortest keyblade wielder, one with the points on helmet going...
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    Rikus new look

    actually isn't it over 1 yr, i mean kh2 is a yr after com, which the full events of com must have took a little while, plus we arent sure how long they were travelling that road b4 they found castle oblivion, so id say kh2 is 1.5 yrs after kh1 and actually, wasn't riku 15 at the beginning of...
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    Saved By Mickey

    well i don't think i ever died in a boss fight other than sephiroth in standard mode, but i have been playing proud mode and i am ready for the twilight town revisit w/ sora, haven't died in a boss battle yet (dont think so, if i did mickey wasnt option), tho i have died like 3 times from...
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    when do you see it disappear, doesn't the first tall knight step down from it and then they don't show it again? and actually, based on how it looks gold and white, i personally think it looks most like kurt zisa lol even tho i know it is not taking place in agrabah...(could u imagine if i...
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    KH III Knight Theory

    im not so sure that is sora walking towards them....i do believe that the knights may be previous keyblade wielders tho since nomura stated i believe at one point they were new characters, and he had look similar to the ffxii judge(s) since he didn't know what their faces would look like...
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    roxas joining sora, big error in game

    ok i have a question, wasn't sora being stored in the real twilight town during his sleep? (i say yes because when he wakes up and meets hayner and them they r the real versions that dont remember roxas) now when we play as roxas he is in the data version of twilight town the whole time, yet he...
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    Orichalcum+ Help

    i am deeply sorry what i said is incorrect that is to get the 7th drive gauge, i believe u have 2 complete the item synthesis list (get 1 of every synthesis item) for the final orichalcum+
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    final form?!

    yeah i feel the same way, ive tried wisdom and master driving quite a few times, mayb it is more common using valor, guess ill switch out goofy for donald (gotta keep riku in), assuming both donald and goofy dont gotta b in ur party that would suck.....actually i think ill try both ways
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    no i thought u just have 2 beat every boss including first xemnas and sephiroth to get max 50 bonus pts (u know the get bonuses from certain fights) and u get it that way.......am i totally wrong here?
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    Kairi and SPOILER

    Re: Kairi and the Keyblade well like the other guy said (sry didnt c ur name b4 posting lol) there is a light, dark, twilight, and probably dawn (basically there should be 2 in between keyblades since for 1 light would overpower the dark and the other vice versa....) u would think riku and...
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    Orichalcum+ Help

    you only need 7 of them because u use the one crystal that reduces materials needed by 1/2, so instead of 13 u only need 7.....it sounds like u got 6 so the last 1 u have to beat sephiroth and xemnas (first battle) to get ur "bonus points" to the max 50 and i believe they give it 2 u 4...
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    return to mysterious tower?

    ok i have no idea how 2 get back to mysterious tower, is it a save point that u can warp 2 in twilight town? do u have to take the train to get there like how sora originally travels there? i would appreciate feedback thanks...
  13. Z

    coliseum cups question

    ok so im already about to face xemnas for the first time, do i have to fight him once or twice and then go 2 the cup or should it already be unlocked? valor: lvl 5 wisdom: lvl 4 master: lvl 2 summon: lvl 3 final: DO NOT HAVE YET :( or is it because all my drives arent lvl x(3) or i dont have...
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    Ultimate Weapon Help

    i assume u dont have the strategy guide because it tells you, so i will tell you... twilight gem: dropped by assassin nobodies..... these can be found in the world that never was when u enter the castle and also in i think in the old mansion (just fight thru the whole mansion in the dining...
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    coliseum cups question

    i got something 2 ask and my strategy guide doesnt seem 2 answer it, do the cups unlock after certain story points in the game or do u get them when u reach the corresponding lvl of difficulty for each cup? im lvl55 and i cant get the goddess of fate cup, i beat the other 3 (tho w/ low scores)...
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    Favorite Drive Form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    o i thought he dual weilded in master form, thats news 2 me lol.....(still 2 keyblades tho so its fine).....yeah i kinda like master cuz yellow/black is cool (steelers colors, tho they only my 2nd favorite 2 the broncos but thats off topic) and i like the option of magic/combat (even tho i...
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    Kairi or Namine?

    yeah kairi got alot hotter in kh2, namine doesnt seem 2 have aged so u gotta go w/ kairi, tho kairi wasnt seen in COM except flashbacks, we saw namine in COM so its only a yr between then and kh2, kairi on the other hand its like 2 full yrs from when sora closes the door to kingdom hearts and...
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    employee: hi this is ebgames, nick how can i help you? me: hi, i was wondering if i didn't preorder the limited edition kh2 strategy guide, how many copies do u expect to have in tomorrow? nick: asks other guy near him same question, gets response nick: preorder only (meaning they wont have ne...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i dont believe 1/2 of u who say u got the game but make excuses for not being able 2 play it, i gotta wait til tomorrow even tho my ****ing ebgames prolly already got the truck they said they will have it wednesday, had 1/2 days for exams monday/today but i got a gay ass ****in full day...
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    Square Enix HQ location

    Sorry I was just wondering if someone could tell me where the main Squenix hq is, or whereever they hoard all the kh2 games and ship across the country from, because I would like to know how far it is from where I live so I can know to expect it on the ship day or 1-2 days after.......thanks