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    Buy Orichalcum at Moogle Shops?

    Just go to "Peak" in Pride Rock to get all the Lightning Shards you want from killing the Rapid Thrusters. That's how I maxed out the kills on Rapid Thrusters, got about 700 Lightning Shards, leveled up to 99, and got over 1,000 materials. But no, getting 1,000 materials does not let you buy...
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    Hunter X

    Just equip Drain on your Gummi Ship. It absorbs his fire, then sends it back at him so you save life. I beat it with getting hit only 3 times from the big explosions it causes.
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    Areas to Combo?

    No, I want to increase my Max Combos for Jiminy's Journal. I'm competing on www.cyberscore.net soon and that is one of the things that will be on the site for competition.
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    Areas to Combo?

    Where can I go to fight a large amount of enemies at the same time, but when Sora ISN'T a lion (Like Pride Rock's "Peak" where you fight all the Rapid Thrusters)?
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    Combo help

    Make sure Jack has it equipped...I had the same problem =P
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    Combo help

    Jack Sparrow/Treasure Isle
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    KH2 High Score Thread

    Yeah...it's impossible to get 84 on SB Sand Slider in Agrabah. I did it perfectly and I got 48, maybe you could get 49 or 50, but not 84. Same thing for Port Royal's SB Time Attack. You say you got 00'10"66, but I've only seen people get around 14 or 15 seconds tops. Please provide proof. :P
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    I'm not fighting him till I max out all my stats. Yes, all to 999. I love this game and I actually am going to do it. Hell, I'll be unique by being the only one to post a video on killing Sephy in one hit...lol
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    Good Place to Max Combos?

    Anyone know of a good area to max out combos? I know of one in Pride Rock, but you can't do Donald and Goofy's limits since you're in lion form >_< Anyone know of an area in a world where you're in regular form to max out combos from limits and summons?
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    KH2 High Score Thread

    I meant all you do is say... "Light Cycle - *insert score here*" For the things you didn't see in the journal, play them like you did in the game, and get the time.
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    KH2 High Score Thread

    Here's how this will work... I've provided a list of things for people to compete on, mainly things from Jiminy's Journal. You submit scores by posting replies and listing the scores that you have gotten for whatever challenge from the list. You don't have to submit all records, even put one...
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    Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3

    Has anyone beaten Assault of the Dreadnought Mission 3? I can't seem to beat the boss at the end. :mad:
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    Final Mix Org. XIII Discussion

    No, I know who it is, and I'm not asking for the video, I already saw it. I'm just asking for the translated text into english so I can read what was said.
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    Final Mix Org. XIII Discussion

    In Final Mix, you can a member of Organization XIII. I know who it is, but I'm not saying due to anyone saying that I said a spoiler, even though it isn't really one. Does anyone have the translated conversation that he has with Sora before and after you fight him? Also the words that flash...
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    Yen Sid Design Room

    In Yen Sid's side-room (where you get the new costume and Valor Form, "Tower: Wardrobe"), there are 5 things with sheets on them. When you examine them, they say... "An image of you utilizing your strength to its fullest flows into your mind." (Valor Form) "An image of you utilizing your...
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    Gummi Ship Mission 3?

    How do you get Mission 3 for each route? Do you have to get A rank on Mission 1 and 2?
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    KH2 High Score Competition!

    Follow the link I provided, and all of that is what we're competing in. Basically the best out of those challenges that I listed. http://talk.cyberscore.net/index.php/topic,3663.msg64311.html#msg64311
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    KH2 High Score Competition!

    If anyone would like to compete in KH2 high scores or time attacks, visit this site, where the game will shortly be added, along with all of those challenges. http://talk.cyberscore.net/index.php/topic,3663.0.html If you can, register on the forum after the site, and post that you will...
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    Theories About KH2's secret Ending.

    No one did actually, so it could be in the future as well...good point. Anyone notice how the keyblades that Sora, Riku, and Mickey used are rusty too? Another reason why it might be in the future, since rust is gained over time, and there is no rust on the keyblades in the game's present time.
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    Theories About KH2's secret Ending.

    Well if Zexion is alive, then we have the connection to the secret ending which Nomura mentioned, but only if Zexion lived back in the time in which the secret ending showed. If you take out the X in Xehanort's name, it spells out "No Heart" and "Another" which would relate to Zexion, who is...