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    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Great Chappy!!! Loved it!!! but no violence!!! need violence!!!! KIIIILLLLL THAT SEA COW!!!! BURN IT BURN IT ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Then lets all have a barbacue!!!! who wants theirs well done?!
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    The Superior

    Remember that Diz did point out that his name was irrelevant...just because people have different names dosent mean they are different....
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    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    funny when you get your voice back I lose mine to Larengituse (however you spell it......gaaahhh pain....)
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    helpful orginization list

    if memory serves...in one of the TN interviews he said that Marluxia's power is over flowers....so yeah....
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    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    o.0 what? wow didnt know that......soo whats a lemon?
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    cards in KH2

    Yeah its a little different from COM....but they might do somehting wiht cards...I mean think about it a lot of FF games has cards in them....I think...or was it only 8 and 9?.....I forgot...
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    Japan Disney Sight

    funny I think this site is more updated then the one on the japanese version of KH2...I can sorta translate but not perfectly, my japanese isnt that great...but I can tell you the tabs on the left side of the site....
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    deep dive and asas question

    Yeah that is ture... however....being the fact that it was quite easy to notice....wouldn't that indicate that it was a little more important?
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    heart and crown!

    I agree! why cant it come out sooner....sigh...
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    Kingdom Key Forever!

    I have to agree with everyone else on this, however, I too liked the Kingdom Key...(next to Ultima and Oblivion, and Oathkeeper, and Olimpia....)
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    The red Bandaged Ansem's real name

    Gatta agree with keyblademaster42 on that........
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    Ifrit didnt suck?!??!?!??!!? what'chu talking about?!
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    kh final mix

    Final Mix isn't really anything different, The english version of the game had 4 special bosses, Ice Titan, Sephiroth, Kurt Zisa, and Phantom...So the Japanese audience complained about this, thus, SE Japan came out with FM which has all the special bosses, but since that would be a waste they...
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    wow...sounds interesting...
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    New world in kingdom hearts 2

    too funny lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Drive Theory

    I really wouldn't mind having 2 disks, but having to switch them over and over again would be annoying, but if it was just like play through half the game then switch then I wouldnt mind....
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    Regarding on one of the new pictures

    well in one of the magazines I have they show the same room, but with minnie looking at something that resembles a snow globe, however inside the glass part is a bright light....since we dont know the functions of this globe could it be possible it communicates with the dead?
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    Whos your favorite Unknow?

    Keep this going please!
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    Oringinal Worlds Back?

    I think that some of the worlds will be the sequal so you can, in a sense, say that they are new worlds....for example Return of Jafar is the sequal to Aladdin, Return to Neverland, well since the Hercules level never had a story Ancient Greece and so on....
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    my theory

    not to my knowledge it was more like he didnt agree nor deny it...