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    Just wanted to Say this to everyone

    Hey everyone I just wanted to wish to everyone (who celebrates christmas) a merry christmas and hope they get all their gifts they wanted under their christmas tree:). Hope you guys have a great christmas and have fun during the holidays.:)
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    What ven said about kingdom hearts in the game is true but if ur asking what the GAME kingdom hearts is well its made by 2 companies which are Disney and Square Enix. In the game you are able to go visit different world with disney characters and final fantasy characters. In the game enemies are...
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    Thought this was real:P

    Ok thanks (stupid 25 letter rule)
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    Thought this was real:P

    Sry I didn't know this was old news....
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    Thought this was real:P

    heyy guys I was searching on youtube for fan made BBS trailers and I found this, I don't know if this is old but I thought it was pretty cool:thumbsup: here it is: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Start Menu [ Mock-Up ]
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    Terra Voice Actor

    Well we already know that Ven's VA was confirmed to still be Jesse McCartney (same as Roxas) for Aqua's VA I would say the same actor as Kairi but a little older as for Terra i don't really know.
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    MX´s Kingdom Hearts, not made instantly.

    You got a good idea there but we dont know for sure yet...
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    I know who DS is!!!

    Just make sure ur facts are straight next time but its alright.
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    But if you see coded in the scans it seems like they're pushing the cell phone games graphics to the limit.
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    What ending should BBS have?

    I just want to point out that Nomura already stated that the SE in kh2+FM is a vision of the ending of BBS and could also be the ending.
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    About the 358/2days demo

    Heyy guys, most of you probably heard about there being an 358/2days demo well if anyone owns a wii and soon in north america the Wii is getting a new channel dat we are able to download nintendo DS demos to our wii so I was thinking if maybe they might put it in there possibly?
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    New KH info

    Hey everyone, it seems as though Square-Enix has re-updated their JF 2008 website, this time featuring the games that will be shown there, and to no surprise the three new Kingdom Heart Games made the list! the links are below here: 358/2DAYS:ƒWƒƒƒ“ƒvƒtƒFƒXƒ^2008 | SQUARE ENIX...
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    Nomura interview

    Heyy guys I havent been on the forums in a while so I found this ... I dont no if someone has already posted this or this is old news Im sorry: Nomura Interview Nomura Interview - Birth By Sleep (PSP): Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit about the development of Birth By Sleep? Nomura...
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    Kairi, Mickey's Grandniece!

    wait wasent it Xehanort who brought Kari to DI?
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    What Roxas said

    Hey guys I havent been on the forums for a few month except looking for info on BBS and 358/2 day so I was thinking if you guys remember when Roxas fought Sora at the world there never was well i was thinking when Roxas asked why did he chose do you guys think he was talking about Terra and...
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    Playstation home

    Heyy guys, I just wanted to ask one question, I am very excited for playstation Home so all I wanted to ask was do you guys know whats the difference from playstation home open beta and the official in the spring? thx for the help:P:P
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    Elderly man/Master Xenahort

    I just wanted to ask and plz dont flame about this. Could you imagine from the Deep Dive Video that the guy (roxas maybe) with the glowing eye could be the 14th member. I know its a stupid thought...
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    It's all about the soul

    thats all I wanted to hear.
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    It's all about the soul

    Exactly Xirsch i do indeed go with that......so POP man you should have just said something appropriate....
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    It's all about the soul

    yo P.O.P ok we all understand we got to be patient but can you chill out a bit and yes Mytholigical the new enemiess could be that.