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    If Scar become a heartless, what happened to his nobody??

    the lion king world wasnt good enough for a boss with both. (IMO) P.S. im the key your mom hides in the closet. hehehe
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    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    i dont know if its been asked or said, had anyone ever thought that a nobody or a heartless can split and expand more to a point??? or even someone could split more then between 2? i dont know if its seems childish but, it hasnt been totally denied......has it? anagrams mean nothing, P.S...
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    where did riku get the two keyblades

    i wouldnt say "snatched". more of sora got it because riku went on drugs/succumbed to the darkness.
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    so i want some clarification

    i didnt mean to be, hopped up on nyquil. and about me being young, ill take it as a compliment. i was trying to fixin my brain farts. edited just for you :toungesmile:
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    so i want some clarification

    stronger, purer, that not really what i meant, i was shooting for "not normal" if you will..... ahh ahh ahh, your not listening, i asked if the PERSON aqua chose (terra=riku) could have been the whole person of xion. and i said i understood she cant really "carry/summon" but borrowed it...
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    so i want some clarification

    thank you SA, a clear cut answer. i wasnt implying that. i as much as anyone dont like the idea.
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    so i want some clarification

    no no no, you misunderstood. i didnt ask if aqua was the full form of xion, i asked if xion could be the nobody of the PERSON CHOSEN BYaqua
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    so i want some clarification

    so i havent been here in awhile and i cant find a specific thread, so here it goes... Terra passed down his keyblade to Riku but when he turned to "the darkness" the keyblade went to the closest pure/stronger/gifted/UNnormal heart (sora) and then when he discovered the light while knowing the...
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    disturbing theory

    princesses come through a lineage of royalty of in this case the use of the power of their hearts as a queen of king would pass on their royalty to the next of their generation or someone whos would be responsible. i think he meant that MX is a demented psycho. and i highly doubt that there are...
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    aqua a guy???

    Dawg... SHE-HAS- TAH TAHS!!!
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    Whats the connection between Ven and Riku

    no double posting, just edit. charge just face raped you, totally factual. Momma said,"KNOCK YOU OUT"
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    Possible Number XIV Identity -EVIDENCE!!-

    Okay you cant say that riku and aqua look alike, her hair is like curved and not as long as his grey/silver hair. he has green eyes, she has blue, he doesnt show much emotion, well a little, not much, and shes this really exprecive in her facial emotion, but yeah all together a decent theory...
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    a lot of you get it wrong..... all of us(im pretty sure) want it to come. its just that we know it wont. unless they do something like ff3 and release it in like 10 years. but even then the chances are slim. man Hades would be pissed major
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    NoOb central..... yeah this is like the billionth ive seen on the net. if not the hundredth this week. people who are new think a petition will help okay first its an internet petition. so its not even legal. even if it was a signed legal document it doesnt mean they have to release it, or let...
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    Release Date of KH2 Final Mix+

    wow this really old but i guess its okay... NOT!!! yeah it wont comeout. unless in like ten years in the future. they decide to release it here then like ff3. but even then the chances are slim because its like a "Special Edition" type game. so i think no hope what so ever
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    Ill have to agree with charge and hades. i dont really like it either. yeah i still dont understand a lot of standings on that subject, to many suggestions like charge said. but yeah kinda old but notta big deal. and welcome to the forums
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    Been thinking long time

    hmm..... they have a connection right? i would say yes, to all those sceptics. you can say its not confirmed but whatevs. come on have some common sense. he is in the past yes but that doesnt mean there not connected. You follow? it goes through sora. Roxas is soras nobody. so ven has a...
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    in future games, even if they do suck. ill still play them, just because im a dedicated fan, but Cursed does have a good point. nice
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    to be honest, it was wonderful. but i did think it was kinda short. i was looking for more. but dont get me wrong i loved it, and the camera settings are a lot better then in kh1. i didnt hate the sense of CoM. i just didnt like the card thing. i havent really played it, through the whole thing...
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    Let's make up a story for Namine...

    wow dumb im sorry but we know what happened why do all you people come on these forums and think you know all there is??? i might sound harsh. but you noobs need to understand that... got it memorized???