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    zelda priceness twilight help

    ok i just the zora suit and im in hylen lake and i ran out of bomb!!! does anyone know of a cheat to get more or were to buy more cause all the bridges are too:unsure:
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    Help/Support ► advice please

    thamks for the advice guys it makes me fell better that people i dont know care
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    Help/Support ► advice please

    ok there is this kid at school who is bugging the hell out of me. he keeps calling me names and its really starting to get to me. i dont want to tell my parents cause they over react
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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    I really hope they do i want to play so bad even if it the same game
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    invader zim petitton

    hi everyone i love invader zim and i found this site and thought it would be cool if we all signed it http://www.petitiononline.com/izlovers/petition.html bring zim back
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    Fanfiction ► "Destined"

    thats the best thing ive ever read i wanted to keep reading im not really into reading but if books were more like this then i'd love reading im a big fan
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    FINAL FANTASY 7 Advent Children movie questions

    ok i want to bid on this movie on ebay but i have some questions. 1. is it in english or only in jappnese? 2. how many discs for the full movie? cause on some theres 4 or 1 discs can anyone help:confused:
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    the Naruto fan club!!!

    i wanted to start a fan club and i was looking at the threads and i saw no Naruto fan club and thought this isnt right:eek: ! Naruto's my fav Anime show so much action:D
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    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    roxas is the best but i also like sora. but roxas more
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    i felt bad for Roxas and i also felt for bad for Axel too
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    i forgot to say something, if there want magic donald would be pointless
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    i think Namine is the best in the whole game
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    Favorite Organazation Member?

    Axels the best
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    Wal mart SUCKS

    when ever i go to walmart they never have what i want i t makes me so mad i think we should form a Anti-walmart club
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    What the . . .?

    well after get one of all the art (fire, Blizzard etc.) take all of the arts to Merlin and he'll give u goofys dream shield
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    Does Anyone Like "Simple and Clean" Better then "Sanctuary"?

    santuary didnt turn out as good as i thought its ok
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    ur being kinda mean xansemx
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    Ending of Roxas' segment

    he does soud cooler then sora
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    magic does seem i little poointless i guess but maybe they thought they had to put it in cause it was in the last game and if they left it out people would wonder wheres the magic or somthing like that i dont know
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    R U gonna use the KH2 strategy guide or not?

    i"m going to use it i couldnt even bet kh without the strategy guide