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    Deep Dive

    hey everyone Iam looking for this 3 minute video , in high quality dvd rip. and no I dont mean the 64 mb version, but something close to the kingdom hearts sanctuary rip video when it first came out. if someone can help me find this dvd rip, i would be thankful. thanks in advance. aim : tripieh3lix
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    Simple and Clean video?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering, if anyone has a high quality simple and clean beginning, like as good quality as the sanctuary Twilight released, that would be so cool. If someone could upload it that would be awesome. thanks in advance.
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    KH2 INTRO Hi Quality FMV English!!!

    Thankyou so much for this. Your Awesome bro!
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    I have a feeling people are getting hired to raise down the buying . I know its reserved everywhere, but common. I mean I know some movie reviewers get hired just to put in a bad review. Could this be the case? wow a 7.6 and an 8.7 from gamespot.. a little weird since its a crazy ass game..
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    Not excited anymore..

    Me either. And I haven't got spoiled.. I dunno, maybe when I'll have the game in my hand ill be more excited. but then again, im moving tomorrow too, and i have a bunch of shit to pack still and move and the unpack .. but then again.. its a 6 bedroom 3 bedroom house, and im pretty excited over...
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    Gamestop F U! Phone recording inside.

    This is me in a gay voice calling gamestop and telling them f u cause its coming in on wednesday and not tuesday. and the other link is my friend just saying f u. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ozb1ji http://www.sendspace.com/file/qimvhy
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    end of the world heartless in KH2

    No but they do have some pretty cool ones that look like big stoned hawks that have little lazers they aim at you and you use the reaction command to teleport and shoot there beam back at them. Hehe. Each world has its own unique heartless.
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    My Crazy @ss KH's dream..

    Wow... I cannot believe it. I just woke up not even 5 minutes ago.. and im just in shock of how real this felt.. And all I have to say is if you ever imagined being in the darkness place you start out in the beginning -Destati-, you would not want to be there in real life...f*** that was...
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    Passion Backward (for those of you)

    who didnt get to hear that part where it plays backwards, well here it is played backwards, most of you all know , I need more affection than you know. This was taken from the after the battle version, so its probably clearer at the end whereas u couldnt really here utada at the you know part...
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    The Big Day.

    .. I have to Move . O.O... and then hook my tv and ps2 up the same night and play it all night and rush to unpack in the morning and play it all day and all day.. At least its a sexy house. hehe.
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    OK , im stuck..

    lol nvm idiot me.. i just use the comp, duhh. hahaa, anyway so hollow bastion.. and mulan.. ok I got alot of leveling up to do..
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    OK , im stuck..

    ok and one problem.. ha there is no way of getting out of this world unless I beat it.. all the save points wont let me out.. DAMNIT
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    OK , im stuck..

    ok, wheres a good place to level up and what level should i level up to?
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    OK , im stuck..

    No, im on the solar sailor simulation. its that piece of land that floats through the air before any of the bosses. U get in a heartless battle, and theres a weight thing in the corner, and it just keeps rising up too much then it gets full then I die. its nearly impossible to beat. btw im on...
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    OK , im stuck..

    Ok im in the Tron level, and am on the simulation thing. I am having trouble on what to do , cause it is nearly impossible to beat.. I mean, the weight rises up crazy, and i go as fast as i can and use the co op moves, and even use my drive meter, which is fully charged.. I really dont know what...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 kinda dumb question

    nope nothing... o well .. crap and i think my levels pretty bad to im on level 38, and im about to get in the space paranoids level the 2nd time.. is that good or bad? btw, the level for this world is 45..
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 kinda dumb question

    ok i wasnt asking for your opinion, thats why i titled it "dumb question" , but thanks for telling me wasnt sure, i cant stand winnie the poo, and i did go in poos tree thingy and call him the first time but didnt know i had to go back to the same place, thanks.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 kinda dumb question

    OK.. I have the missing pages to poos book and I cannot find where to put them in and when i do go to the level, the pages arent there and there still in my inventory.. im at the very end , i only need Space Paranoids, and need to fight sephiroth then im done. please someone tell me what to do...