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    If there is a kh3 wouldnt it be cool if......

    U fought the Kraken if there is a pirate of the caribbean level again?
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    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    Well I think the heartless symbol is for the darkness, nobodies symbol for twilight, and the crown for light thats my opinion.
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    Something about Xaldin

    Ok U know how Xehanort was one of ansem the wise students well his other students are Even, Ienzo, Braig, Dilan and Elaeus and I think Dilan is Xaldin and I think he is a key to somthing important,
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    Mickey's Letter

    All it says on it is betend your reading this and act like you intrested!
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    Simple poll

    Come on now! Never compare Star wars to Kingdom Hearts man, thats like camparing Lameness to coolness! Kingdom hearts= Good game Star wars= Made for all people who are gonna live with their moms the rest of their life. lol!
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    Simple poll

    I dont know because nobodies dont have hearts or feelings and somehow I think axel ovecame that so he is gonna be reborn because I think mostly everyone agrees that axel deserves to have a heart again with whoever his somebody is.
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    Simple poll

    I dont know but for some reason I think Its gonna be linked with ( Birth by sleep) I dont know why but I Do.
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    Simple poll

    Did U believe axel Died that easliy? I dont believe he did because all though he was a nobody I think after sora seen him dissappear He got reborn.
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    Hmmm I wonder

    Nobodys names are the name of their true being mixed up but the thing I dont get is Xehanort seems like a mixed up name to me or (no heart) if u throw out the x and xemnas is the nobody of him and If u read the Ansem reports Ansem the Wise found Xeharnot with all his memory gone so to me there...