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    Big KH2 News!!!

    the REAL new drive forms are: Name: Majestic Color: Green Partner: Mickey Symbol: Mickey head Skill: Speed increased, Dual Wield Invert Keyblade Supreme Form White ??? Sora's Necklace Can't get hurt, being attacked gives you health and magic, skills are stronger and faster, uses Ultima...
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    Accurate Translation of the new PV trailer

    About what MrSparkle07 said... mayhaps this has a connection with the GEU being able to walk thru that rock in Deep Dive?
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    Last Two Forms Revealed

    yay! go Xaldin! always the first with the news... Great find, thanks!
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    Where is KH2?

    Does anyone have a link to a reliable online store where i could buy Final Mix or KH2 (japanese)?
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    Uh oh...Where's Aerith?

    that wouldn't be cool! >.< Maybe the point of Cloud's sidequest is to find Aeris/Aerith? ...that wouldn't follow any previous storylines though... perhaps she'll show up in thoughts like she did in advent children?
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    What other worlds?

    What if they aren't exposing a world in KH2? Any guesses on what a world in KH2 could be (besides the ones they've already shown)? My personal wishes on world ideas for KH2 are: -Robin Hood's Place -Cinderella's place (her and the fairy godmother were in KH1, so why not?)
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    Dual-Weilding Sora?

    I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but in the Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer, when Sora changes into some sort of Red mode, he begins to weild 2 keyblades (oathkeeper and kingdom key): Does anyone know what the different colored modes are/do?