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    Vanitas voice actor

    btw, thanks for the confirmation.
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    Vanitas voice actor

    hey, guys, i know this might have been said (although i didn't see it), is Haley Joel Osmant going to voice act vantitas? i mean, the jp VA for sora spoke vanitas. it would only make sense. and personally, i want him to do it.
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    Corey Burton

    i just looked on wikipedia, and i dont know if this has been aanounced, but it said the he is doing the magic mirror and grumpy. :)
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    I hope this game picks up fast...

    well, its basicall 3 games, so one has to be slow. mabye terra's, it fits his speed!XP
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    You Know What?

    S-E has only put FF chars from 7, 8, and 10. I haven't seen anyone else. I mean, whats up with that!? i hope they put in some other ones from other ff games. maybe Lightning can be in KH3!
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    The True Villain

    i'm thinking that vanitas is the main villain for ventus.
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    KH BBS Multiplayer

    well well, looks like in bbs, we'll have teams in the mirage arena. now thats cool article: http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/scan_vjump_2010_jan.jpg
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    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    well, actually, in the trailer recently posted, the apprentices for AtW (ansem the wise) were there, so it isn't possible that he could be xehanort, since xehanort was ansem the wise's first apprentice
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    kh bbs release date

    it says on gamestats that the release date for it is 12/31/09. is this true? (link): GameStats: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Cheats, Reviews, News
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    Birth by Sleep Official Site+ Trailer

    Re: Birth by Sleep Official Site that date means when the site is up and running a.k.a. when the site opened
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    Who will you play as first

    aqua, iwant to save ven(best) for last
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    Who thinks BBS will be best KH yet?

    totally, dude. cant wait to play as ven!>P
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    kh 358/2 days health problem

    when ever i play a days mission, i lose health if i dont hit anything. and whenever i use items or heal, it doesn't give me health
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    Fears about Birth by Sleep

    in one of the interviews, nomura said its like trhee diff games
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    bbs release date???

    i know this is a dumb question, but does n e 1 know what it is?(title):confused:
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? jesse was good
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    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    terra. i wanna know how the hell he gets so f***ing strong in kh2fm+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    when sora kicked xemnas' little organization ass w/ riku>P
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    KH2 final mix

    go to google translate
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    KH2FM+ JP CB Codes

    are there codes for all items???