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    things in kh that kh2 missed.

    I haven't seen anybody mention Dodge Roll or tech points those were the base of leveling up!!!!!
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    anyone know where the kh2 vidoe is being shown a lot at

    I have seen 5 in like 45 minutes 2 were on G4 1 was on fuse 2 was on cartoon network
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    4 yrs or 4 days?

    the four years seemed to go kinda fast but these last few days seem to drag on for ever liketoday that it was like 5:00 and it was like 12:00.
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    Who do you think is the hottest-looking Square KH character?

    if I was a girl I would kairi and since Im a guy I say this is kinda creepy
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    Who do you like more Sora or Roxas?

    Roxas his name looks cooler and he was the first duel wielder!!!!Rucksack all the way.
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    kh2 villans

    I dont think hook is back but a couple are.
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    what willcha do when the chills come to u

    gonna rub in the guy behind me's face
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    wonder if you never beat wonderland

    yah but in monstro if you dont fight yhe second guy right away like wait till end of world you see riku and its kinda messed up.
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    wonder if you never beat wonderland

    you have to beat wonderland to get that gummi from the doorknob cause if you dont you cant advance the story. There you go.
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    Did u notice in the intro

    well donald and goofy were cards and couldnt actually be with sora either
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    English Passion (Sanctuary) version

    dude thats old news
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    does anyone else think that sancuary sucks!

    I mean I heard and and kinda sucks alot it does (not a spoiler saw the commercial for the NA version on KHU)
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    does anyone know...

    where to get something to mod my ps2 to play jap games (if this dont belong here I couldnt think where to put)
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    Favourite Spells?

    fire raid and um dark aura riku does
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    could KH3 be a.........

    prequel I thought about and it kinda makes some sense if you read the ansem reports.(please dont flame if been posted before!!)
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    things you should do

    go into a self induced coma for 43 days( goes whacks self with a skillet) I think i bet i brained my damage more than you thinks me did
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    What Wil You Be Doing And Where

    my school is right down the street from gamestop im gonna ditch go home and play all day it will be a sweet day or go at mid night and wait till they open.
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    Which One Seems Better?

    I agree roxas is cool and really it seems more like the end to CoM but its not a fair comparison
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    who is your Favourite order XII member

    its gotta be zexion think he uses shadow who else uses shadow he can tell when you die by your scent and his hair is shiny...shiny... shiiinyy!