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    Axel's Weapons

    "Ariel Blades" FOR THE EPIC WIN xDDDD Nobody knows what Xemnas' weapons are called. I don't know where "Aerial Blades" came from either. I just call them Lightsabers. xD Xigbar's weapons are two individual laser guns that combine to form a sniper rifle. Vexen- Shield, Ice Shield, same...
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    Organzation XIII battles

    Dude. THANK YOU. These are so much win.
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    Vexen must of did it!

    Interesting theory, but I don't think that's the case. Those probably aren't canon, as was said before. Ehe.
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    A bit of help, please?

    If you will. My version of the high-quality KH2:FM+ secret ending got corrupted (It is all whited out with a big DivX stamp on it D:) and the download link on KHI's page says it's been taken off the original download site. Can anyone redirect me to the very high-quality version (that will...
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    Vexen clones

    That would be so evil >3 Intelligent, yes, but oh so evil. . . .I like it. :D Dang it, I need to see that omake comic with Repliku and the Vexen-clones. xDDD; BADLY.
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    Marluxia Questions and Answers Here :D

    Well, considering this isn't Pokemon. I don't know about that, though. I think that Demyx is stronger than Axel, as he was a b!tch to fight (and Axel was easy as hell), but that since he doesn't like to fight, Axel has more skill. Anywho. I'd bet you several thousand units of currency that I'm...
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    Do you prefer your anime short or longer?

    Just what the title says. I consider 100+ episode animes to be lengthy. Personally, I don't like watching episode after episode after episode, which is why I prefer short animes that don't take too much time to watch. Though I say 100 episodes up there, I won't continue to watch a series if it...
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    funny parody

    Fanfic forum? Nu. Parodies go wherever xD Man, Youtube doesn't work on this computer ;__;
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    my essay on vexens voice

    This is more of a rant than an essay xD But it's a good rant. I agree with a lot of your points here- A few, of course, I don't but that's opinions clashing. However, just as a big point here too, I don't like Vexen's voice much ;__; It scares me. But, I'll get used to it. All of the fans will...
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    I think I may have realized something odd. . .

    Okay all, listen up. If anyone has a legit explanation for this, fire away, I suppose. xD I just thought it was weird. On the topic of Xehanort. If I recall correctly, Xehanort lost his heart, then returned, correct? Well, anyone who does that is bound to have a pretty strong heart- We have...
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    If you beat CoM first....

    That theory sounds pretty logical, considering that he does have his KH1 abilities in :CoM. Perhaps you obtain it after clearing RE:CoM, then after a boss? It seems as if it would be a powerful form, so I don't think you would get it immediately (although that would be a nice bonus).
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Well, to put it out, only Vexen appeared on both sides of the story in :CoM. Anywho, wow. Zexion's weapon caught me off-guard there, at first. I was all like, "A BOOK?!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!11" Hmm. It seems like he may have some similar abilities to Luxord, as I saw a shot of Donald trapped in a...
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    High Quality Re:COM screens

    It does look real, doesn't it? I love what they're doing to him. TAKE THAT, PEOPLE WHO THINK MARLUXIA IS A FRUIT! xD These are old screenshots, but it is still good to have them so pretty sigs and avatars can be made. 8D
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    Vexen voice

    Sure, but . . . does he have to sound (and act) like he's tripping out on some drug? xDDDDDD It's not THAT bad, but, well . . . xDDDDDD
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    Vexen voice

    Well, what do you think of his voice now? I was kinda dissapointed D: He sounded scary. TT______TT His eye movements made me crack up, though. xDDD
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    I'm looking forward to Marluxia, Vexen, Larxene and Zexion. Because I have a Marluxia fetish, Vexen's cool (bricked for bad pun), I want to fight the only female member, and I WANNA KNOW ZEXION'S WEAPONNNNN. D{ GAAAAAHHHHH~~ I DUN WANNA WAIT FOR RECOM
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    Vexen voice

    Yeah, I'm watching the Japanese :CoM battle against Vexen right now. His icicle attack noise sounds like a pained scream o________o;;; ??? I think either way, he's going to have his fun-kay laugh.
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    High Quality Re:COM screens

    Oh! xD I took some of Vexen, but was too lazy to rip these from the website. Thanks much! :333
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    My two cents on the secret movie

    Lemme put in my two cents on the past couple posts. First off, YAY! Someone FINALLY remembered that the Knights were new chars! Huzzah! Second, Zexion's weapon. It seems quite likely that his weapon would be a Soul Eater, however I was thinking this: He appears to be able to create illusions...
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    Vexen voice

    Ah, there we go. Well, yes. I suppose I should leave this thread- Don't want to spam.