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    Christma Music

    Hi, destination here, it's been a while, because well nothing fun was happining to KH series. so I had to go away for a while. I was wondering, does anyone know any good christmas music that's like pop, and there's no voice what's so ever in the song. I'm looking for christmas songs that have a...
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    1. I didn't get the utlmate weapon because I thought it was impossible to get it. 2. My Max level was probably level 100, or 99 one of those two. 3. Yes I did, it was fairly easy 4. Yes I beat them all. 5. Yes I beat all of them in my first try, don't know how you could lose to them. 6. my first...
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    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    I'm sure you guys heard of the saying "Good and Bad are a point a view" So to the bad guys, we are the bad guys, because we are trying to stop them. So that's a question that I don't think anyone really knows. Case closed. :)
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    didn't realize it before...

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days will be coming out before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. So since I see that Japan will get there's first, I see us getting around summer time, of next year, or even better spring. but I'm not certain.
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    Captain Hook!

    clearly if you lose agaisnt him your a complete newb, he's super easy.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    I just wonder if it will have abilities, and stuff, that would make the game more fun, I guess.
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    Riku and his memories...

    keep playing man, it's worth it. but yea. Riku was sent because of DiZ (Real Ansem), I don't know if this is true or not, but I think he did it because well he wanted to get some more data on the Nobodies, that's why he needed Riku, or something. I really don't know.
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    Thing I noticed

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+, where you can fight all the Organization members, theres a spot open, and you can see a door threw the water I think this has to do with the 14th Organization Member, that she probably faded away, meaning someone must of killed her.
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    KH1 is definetly not harder than KH2

    Sorry for being so late, but I got caught with something. Guys will you take it easy, It's all about opinion, that's why everyone is different, no one can force you to believe what they say.
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    I didn't know where to put this, and I'm sure it's in the wrong place, but how do I get internet on my PS2? I'm really curious to it.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Will there be voice acting in this one do you think? and by the way do you think it will be just like the orignal KH game, with Sora, were you run around and have go to different worlds, and level up and learn new moves. If there are new moves do you...
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    KH 358/2

    Since we seen the new views for it, do you think there will be voice in it? And Multiplayer is optional right, I mean if you just choose the main one, you'll play Roxas threw the whole game? and finally fight Riku. is that it, or can someone explain this to me.
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    Who maxed there level?

    THAT'S POSSIBLE? I thought 100 was the highest, wow I guess we do learn somethign everyday :)
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    Yea I know that alot of you are upset, but look on the bright side, your parents wouldn't of allowed you to get it, even if it did come. what I don't understand is why they have to remake a game, KH2 was perfect in everyway. Why couldn't they put that stuff on there before. and to let you...
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    I'M SUPER HAPPY THAT I GOT THE GAME You guys should really import, it's easy, just get some money, or get a job and import it. Hades, yes it is old, but it contains new boss's that these guys will never be able to face. Just import alright.
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    New info bout DS version

    Deeman is right, everyone makes mistakes but I have a question KHI makes mistakes?
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    New info bout DS version

    Wow, I thought that was the most retarded thing that I read, I basically put Roxas in the part where it had Sora, otherwise I would of been so confused. Damn you IGN.
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    14 organization member

    wait is the trailer coming here? or what I'm so confused.
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    KH COM 2?

    I don't think it's true about the game, so what do you guys think?
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    Terra is the true hero.

    Even though Terra was extremely easy to beat, I guess it would be more likely that we would play as him. I mean if he came with all those moves than wow, I'll love S.E. forever!