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    Favourtie Nine Inch Nails Songs?

    Wondering if there was any other nine inch nails fans on here and whats your favourite songs from Trent? :) mines would be: Just Like You Imagined Closer Hurt The Line Begins To Blur The Great Below Wish The Big Come Down The Day The World Went Away In This Twilight 1 Ghosts I Everyday Is...
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    358/2 Days - Summer 2008 in Japan

    sorry this mitght sound like a real n00b questin but is the American realease date dats been forcast the same for Europe?
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    Another New Scan! (Terra with Malificent?! Cinderella and Ven!)

    OMG so excited now.The scens are brilliant.The part with Terra talking to Malficant has really got me thinking about Terra's role now in the game??? Please Square show us some trailers from Jump Festa
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    Birth By Sleep isn't real? [theory]

    very interesting never thought of that before but what about the part in which Terra is watching Sora nd Riku on the shores of DI?
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    A demo for 358/2 Days in JF2008!

    Does anyone have a translation of what it says on the website yet?
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    Before or after?

    I wonder if it would be playable in the game?
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    Probably a Stupid Question

    I think that he means when Diz decided to erase Roxas to bring back Sora and Roxas is now asking why Diz picked Sora over him because Roxas is just as strong and able as Sora
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    The New Enemy

    Nomura has already said that heartless or nobodies will not be in BBS so does anybody have any idea or thoughts what the new enemy is? P.S. heres a scan of Terra fighting this 'new enemy'
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    did anyone notice

    I don't think it's relevant to anything really might just be his type of keyblade
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    yeah sounds good.Does that mean that Marluxia was a wheat cutting farmer when he was a human?:toungesmile::toungesmile:
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    Where the Org members came from?

    ok so we already know where members 1-6 came from as they were Ansem The Wise's apprentices but where did members 7-13 come from and how did they become nobody's in the first place and how they were lured to become members of the Org.?
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    The New Enemy, connected to Master Xehanort

    sounds brilliant and is the best theroy yet in my own opinion. I just don't think Mickey was a master though to be honest, I think he was just a by standard trying to help because his own world was in danger. and thank you for taking the time to type your theroy up and sharing your ideas must...
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    might be the symbol of them being part of being a keyblade master, like Sora has the aKingdom Crown symbol around his neck on his chain
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    Release Date of KH2 Final Mix+

    excuse me but if you imported it from japan would it not be in Japenese?
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    Roxas/Sora battle

    Sora won cause he is the true master of the keyblade and i know this sounds a bit chaep but Roxas is only a copy of Sora so the original would triumph over the copy
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    Master Xenahort = Braig/Xigbar! (theory of course)

    I really like this theroy it's very weel thought out and does make sense kudos to you
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    I don't really care how easy or hard the game is.I love the story of KH and the story of the keyblade and thats one of the main reasons why i play it.
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    I think it's a very angry Terra(after what happened to Ven) but it would be cool if it was something like that
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    yeah I belivie that the camara system was FAR better than KH1
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    i think KH2 was brilliant:good graphics, new worlds, drive form and other things about it Org. XIII was a brilliant new enemy.The members of the Org. were great to fight against (only if they released Final mix+ in europe so we could face ALL the members) It was more grown up too(less disney...