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    what is wrong with king mickey?

    mickey is afraid of screen time.
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    riku replica thought

    if every dead person just came back after you defeated them that would destroy the purpose . wait... oh thats right kh2. but yeah not gonna happen.
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    What's New with Coded?

    if it never comes out over here someone will find a way. cough emulator.
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    Very Puzzling About Some Characters..

    are you blind by any chance?
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    Riku and Xion connection

    xion has more connections to the riku replica then the real riku. even if only indrectly
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    Sora and Riku moving to the dark side?

    playings days to get kh2 more and not playing com? i loled.
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    Has Vexen ever gotten the love he deserved?

    i liked him because in the end he tried to fuck up not only marluxia plans but org13s as a whole. he went rouge.
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    what is the lowest level you beat kh2

    level 19 critical mode....was having too much trouble at 1.
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    the org 13 heartless ideas.

    1. xenmas = xehanorts heartless 2 xigbar = ? 3 xalidin = tornado step 4 vexen = blizzard lord or Blue Raphsodyor defender 5 leaxeus= groundshaker 6 zexion = stealth sneak 7 saix = ? 8 axel= trickster er....the wonderland one. volcanic lord red Raphsody 9 demyx = Blue Raphsody (Radon) 10 luxord =...
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    big fat spoilers to the face. ****** playable in days

    why didnt anyone say anything ._.
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    (SPOILERS) Nintendo Power Was Right?

    remeber how disney castle was shown playable in kh1 trailers up until the last few? yeah. did it appear in final mix? no. dont get your hopes up. its offical days is quite possibly the most pointless game storywise in the kh universe.
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    kingdom hearts clothes

    you people have it all wrong. the real creep here is the guy who animated seplhies underwear into the game when there isno way to see it through normal means.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has been confirmed for Europe!

    heh if you were such a "true" fan you wouldve imported if recom was so precious. or get a modded ps2 and download it cough cough.
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    If Traverse Town is in Days I have to reasons as to why it is there

    oh yes because im going to miss the random npcs soo much. make it into like....moogle homeworld. moogles ftw.
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    Anyone else dissapointed with the Amount of Worlds in 358 days?

    well . i doubt they want to waste any precious remaining disney liscenses on a new disney world for a spin off like this. i dount count bbs as a spin off >>
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    Last boss in 358/2 days???

    i LOLed so hard. might as well have said it was xenmas.
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    New Unbirth Observation!

    maybe unbirths are stoners?
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    Zexion and Riku

    omg zexion = rikus nobody lulz. im just going to chalk it up to one of those because it is awesome things.
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    new scans

    well this came completely out of nowhere . yay.
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    358/2 Days Superboss?

    either way i want a 1000 heartless style neoshadow fight near the end.