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    10 sons and daughters of wealthy families are kidnapped, a ransom not was left behind: We have you son/daughter, and we will kill them off one each week, only until we get the amount of money we want. The amount we want is 5 billion dollars. Note this, we do not care what happens to your kids...
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    The Island

    I couldn't come up with a better title :p Anyways the title kinda gives away the story some teenagers are on their way to Hawaii(yay!) but their plane crashes into the middle of the ocean and soon they find themselves washed up on shore of a deserted island. They must do everything It's very...
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    Sora's medallion

    Too important looking to be sealing a keyhole.... I have no other ideas though...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands It was funny but not that funny... Dont listen to me, I hardly ever laugh...
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    Namine...Diz's daughter!?!?!?!?

    I'm not sure I get what ur saying...
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    Vincent Valentine!!!

    I don't beilive that much, apparently Yuna(FFX) is supposed to be in it too.
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    *Another Romance RP*

    Pretty obvious what this is about, *cough*title*cough* But it takes place in a middle school. Note that I said MIDDLE SCHOOL not high school. It's a little different than most, I thought it'd be fun*^^* RULES No power-playing or god-moding No killing other poeple's characters Violence is...
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    known of beyond

    What exactly is this!? If this is a fanfic it's freakishlt short, it has nothing to do with CoM, if it's an RP it makes no sense, what the heck is this?!
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    Cecil in Kingdom Hearts 2

    You posted the same thing 4times!!!!! I have no clue who Cecil is it sounds like a girl's name.....
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    Has anyone seen any keyblades for kh2?

    All we have to do is wait 2months. Great that's gonna take 4ever... But I only saw Kingdom Key, Mickey's kingdom key, Oathkeeper, Oblivion...
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    The most confusing anime-FLCL

    Has anyone FLCL? Has anyone relly understand it!? I saw all 6episodes, and I stil don't get it! If anyone has seen it plz explain! I know that Naota's big bro goes away for somekinda baseball thing and he cheats on his GF. Then after Ta started growing robots out of his head I didn't understand!
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    Better scan of lion Sora fighting

    Really he should be bigger, at least a little bit. Maybe you can't go into drive mode, like u can't summon in Atlantica. Dunno, that's just my guess though...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Show!

    lol this is funny, Poor Sora died... Again...
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    What world u wanna live in

    Destiny island ot Twilight Town
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    The most stupidest order member you've seen in kh2 vids and pics

    Demyx, although I can't tell how a guitar can be a weapon... Or gay... What ever, but anyways Demyx looks gay
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    What do you guys think of this?

    That'd be freaky, a blue or red lion... Scary... Well the dark fur thing would make sense though...
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    Stuff for Synthesis

    I have about the last 2 things to synthesize but where do I get Gales, a Ribbon and mystery goo?:confused: EDIT:Which Heartless drops a Lucid Gem?
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    Half a life(romance kinda...)

    A group of scientists called mad, and crazy by the world create 4 projects. Androids(Humanoids). They were sent in to the world of humans as an experiment. But later on they find out oo much about themselves. So the scientists hunt them, the only thing they can do to reverse their mistake is...
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    Do you think that BHK is...

    Laughs uncontrollably and falls off chair. REALLY doubt that 99% no in my opinion
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    Was chain of memories really neccessary?

    I'm not sure if it was necesarry but it was fun. The battle system was confusng at first though...