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    i may be like all the others, but here's my theory on Xion

    I think that Xion is not kairi's nobody. Instead i think that she is Aqua's nobody, and such maybe her and kairi are sisters but that's besides the point. My major evidence of this is that we know that there is a scene where Mickey sees Xion's face and he seems to recognize her, at this point...
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    xion or shion!?

    all the organization member's names are just anagrams of their original names with an x in it. it seemed as though no one mentioned that. such as Xemnas-Ansem and Vexen-Even. So it would be Xion. So her original name before she became a nobody could be anything from ion to noi. but she could...
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    Ven backwards

    That is a common stance for a blade of any kind. It's meant to be a defensive style, it's much easier to counter that way.