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    i need help... puhleeeeese

    OK, heres how it goes... me and my friend have this project due tomarrow... and well its like this hometown american project, and we have to describe our city and stuff and well i live in chicago... and my friend asked me to do celebrities and i cant think of anythign to take its place... so...
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    Taste of Chaos Tour!

    hey!! did anyone go / is going to the taste of chaos tour? i went to it last nighty in chicago! omfg it was awsome... the main bands are The used My Chemical Romance Killswitch Engage Senses Fail *ack horrible* A static lullaby but what made me mad was that they played Senses Fail AFTER...
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    help with vexen II

    hey guys!!! >_< i know i shouldnt cuz i havnt posted for help yet... but im on floor 11 - Traverse Town... and im stuck on Vexen >_<... can anyone please help... idk what else to say besids i need help... if anyone wants to know my stats / cards n stuff just post for it and ill post it up
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    whats YOUR definition the on the word "word"?

    well... im wondering whats all of your thoughs on what the definition for "word" is... im not sure... and i didnt look anywhere but heres what id have to say word - a combination of th letters of the alphabet to make an agreeing title which means something idk what else to say so whats your ideas
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    I Beat Leon In Traverse Town

    well... uhm... good job?... i can see you new to the forums...but uhm... beating leon wasnt that hard... and im jw is that how far you are... are you in Traverse Town on your first try!?] if u need anyhelp with forums n such PM me or other members and we will mostlikely help :)
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    let me borrow a couple of gil

    dude .. wth... for one i just seen this topic in the normal kh boards... stop spamming!!!!... and neways dont beg / ask for gil when its hard enough to get it urself mod please lock this