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    I was reading on a dragon based site when I came upon some VERY, well, heartless things!! It was saying that dragons were nothing short of, well, the DEVIL!!!:cursing: All through out religious history, they've been hunted and destroyed like rats and I'm :cursing: about it! Anyone else share my...
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    Action Replay Max and KH2FM

    I'm not sure about the AR MAX thing, I guess that I'll check with codejunkies.com and get back to you later! --------------------------------------- I found out that you can play roms that you downloaded to a flashdrive or burned to cdr IF you use AR MAX and the media software that it came...
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    Gold Chocobo

    Does anybody know how to get a gold chocobo? The only thing I know about them is that you need to breed the best chocobos to get them...
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    what i dont get about CoM

    what I don't get is why marluxia wanted to take down the org in the first place?!?!? I think he was just being stupid
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    Am I the only one who doesn't/didn't use sleights?

    I used them all the friggin time! some of them are dead useful and powerfull! take sonic blade for instance, stock three different attack cards that have a total value of AT LEAST 20 and AT MOST 23. time your hit of the A button so you hit an ENTIRE FEILD of enemies if you placed your self at...
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    OK I'm back! I figured that the best way to get this out to them was to ask the us branch to send my e-mail directly to the head honcho and I suggest that you do the same!! sorry to come off as corny, but to quote the original transformers,"'Till all are one!"
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    OH MAH FRIGGIN GAWD!!!:o_O: That would be SOOOO AWSOME if people in the U.S. would do that!!!:idea: HEY LET"S DO THAT!!! I mean most of us know the storyline for the game by heart so what's stopping us!!! We should probably point out to Square Enix that kh2 has even gone as far as musicals, it'd...
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    action replay codes

    Hi, everybody! Does anyone have any good action replay codes for metroid fusion? I've been looking, and I can't seemm to find any... Before you ask, I already have the ones from codejunkies.com and they SUCK!!!:cursing:
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    Metroid and Megaman!

    HAH! I figured I'd see who people like better, Samus Aran, heroine of the Metroid series, or Megaman, star of Capcom's biggest seller! Personally, I think that Megaman is pretty much just a knock off of Samus, only a really good knock off since I play the game. But Samu is still my all time...
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    The Offical Riku IV Help Thread Returned

    Kay, here's the deck I used: note: requires ALOT of CP so be at at what ever level breaks the 2500 CP limit, if possible if not, trial and error.:cursing: lvl 9 cards: 3 Kingdom Keys, 2 Wishing Star, 1 olympia, 4 cure, 3 ethers, 2 hi-potions lvl 8: 3 Kingdom Keys, 3 Three Wishes, 1 Wishing...
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    Pooh's world help...

    I'd say pretty much all of it...:cursing: That entire part just confuses the heck out of me.. it's nowhere near as easy as the pooh books in KH1&2.
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    Pooh's world help...

    :cursing:Gah!!! Pooh's world is so annoying!! can any body help me?! Friggin' Rabbit...:angry:
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    Quest for Release

    GAH! I want this game so badly!:cursing: I know that we didn't get the first final mix because of the stuff the international market got, but we got the exact same game they got and they aren't going to send us the good stuff to?!?!?:cursing: This is an OUTRAGE! If I have to, I will march right...
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    Hades I Can't Deafeat Him!!!!!!!!

    Just use any ice based attacks or magic, and the Oogie Boogie enemy card is also dead useful if you have it!!!:thumbsup: