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    ... Twilight Thorn?...

    uuuuh, i'm not seeing the Org. member..........where is it????
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    Best Organization Members in CoM

    AXEL. hands down. NOOOOO CONTEST. though i do agree that Larxene and Zexion are totally awesome too, but Axel's my top fave.
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    After last battle Sora vs. Axel

    hmmm, that makes it a little more understandable..... i figured that it might have to do with Roxas, but that didn't occur to me until i played Days and such.... and i have to think that it's a mix of getting sora to finish marluxia and roxas.
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    Who else was sad when Axel...

    LOOOOOVE AXEL! and yes i definitely think he's one of the more developed chars in the KH series. i liked him from the first time i saw him in CoM. and this just might be me being biased since i'm a major fan, but i sided with Axel during the arguments with Roxas. for one, Roxas didn't...
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) Secret Reports Translated

    [SPOILER] 358/2 Days Secret Reports - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days here's a complete trans of the secret reports, for those that want it.
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    KH 358/2 Days Final Mix

    FM's would be VERY popular--i mean, isn't it kinda obvious with all the complaints and imports from fans? and it bugs me how all the added scenes don't have any voices! I CAN'T READ JAPANESE! i don't even have any of them... T.T
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    Ice Cream =/= Popsicles

    at first it did, you kinda just go with the flow, y'know? and i think 'sea-salt popsicles' sounds weird.......besides it's japanese translation, 'icecream' might mean both popsicles and icecream...
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    Favorite video in theatre mode

    definitely Xion vs. Axel. as well as all the others with Axel in them. :) Xion's end was also good too.
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    Two questions(Spoilers)

    ooooh, so i was right about the title.....i was wondering about that too. and judging from context, i believe that Namine also forgets about Xion. not too mention, if she didn't forget, she would've most likely mentioned her in KH2.
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    an addiction

    the Axel/Xion scene is my all time favorite. i sorta agree with you guys who think that Days would've been better if the fans had written it, but then we'd probably in the end complain about that too.....saying that it was too much or something really stupid.
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    After last battle Sora vs. Axel

    after the fight with Axel, he says 'it was worth saving your hide' or something along those lines--what did he mean by that???
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    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    yah, i also heard from another thread that if exposed to darkness too long or somethin' your eyes turn yellow and you get scars?????
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    Axel's Enjoying it???

    axel's obviously talking about sora and co. the fact that axel's playing everyone and sora's struggle to get to namine, etc makes it kinda obvious. not too mention, you just have to make the connections between them. ...........that made no sense at all, did it?
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    You have a question? Read this before posting!

    i have a question-- After the last battle with Axel vs. Sora, Axel says 'it was worth saving your hide' or something along those lines. what did he mean????
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    Terra and MX

    ok, so i'm a totally new to the whole 'forum' thing, so please take it easy on me. i had this thought that maybe Terra turns into Xehanort from KH2. since, Ansem possessed Riku in KH, isn't it possible that MX some how 'possesses' Terra, and then somehow gets a total mindwipe and becomes the...