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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    I would prefer japanease audio and english subtitles, commands and menus.
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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    I already HAVE SwapMagic... or that chip version of it, what ever that was called.
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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    Soooo... can I find it anywhere for less than 50 bucks?
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    Final Mix+ in ENGLISH?!?!?!

    I've been hearing that a lot. What does that mean? Are all the new cutscenes in English? Are the commands in English? What? And why does it matter if the game comes out in the US if the game is already in English if imported?
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    An English version of Final Mix+?

    By the way: This is the first time I'm at the fourms since January. See: Inactive users CAN return. But back to the thread: Is there a possiblity KH II: Final Mix+ could be realised in English?
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    Yup a totally worthless character.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: Exactly When Will KHII Final Mix Come Out??? You Don't Have To Use Capital Letters For The First Letter Of Each Word, You Know.
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    One thing I want from KH II: Final Mix

    When you play as Riku and King Mickey they have to have Sora/Roxas commands like: Attack - Other Ability - Item - Other Ability - Not: O = Jump X = Attack And such. That SUCKED!!! What do you think? Oh and a lot more optional bosses. EDIT: And Tournament expirience points.
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    I made my nephew mad at me...

    You can't possibly figure out who DiZ is by playing CoM since the chracters first apperance is in KHII.
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    CoM Deck formations

    80% of all cards 6 or 7+ Two or more Tinker Bells Oogie Boogie The first card in your deck must be a 0 card, in the beginning of the battle scroll to the next card and when Riku uses an attack formed from three cards scroll back and card break with the 0 card.
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    Post Your In-Game Stats Thread

    How are your AP, Str and Def so high? Boosts? Don't you need mythril items for that? Can you get mythril items by killing heartless or nobodies? HOW?!?
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    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    True, but bad points. Why not? ... Genie?
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    Australian and Europeans

    I got KH II few months after it's realese, I had spoiled so much for my self and though I might not enjoy the game at all but when I played it I haden't spoiled tto much. You're propably thinking: He hasen't spoiled nearly as much as me... But here is a list I made of all the thinks I knew about...
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    KH2 too easy?

    I really, REALLY doubt that.
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    KH2 too easy?

    I played it in proud. It was not too easy or too hard.
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    Proud Mode is Impossible!!!

    I'm done with proud mode. Died a few times but just continued trying untill I beat the bosses. Also try to level up.
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    I beat him twice @ KH 1 and I have battled him three times in KH II, the first time he killed me before I could say "Moogle", also the secound time but the third time I hit him four times befor he used a three-hit combo and killed me YAY! He is NOT easier in II!
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? I wanted to die... or something in that area.
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    Help quick!!!

    I am now at the point of the game were Hollow Bastion is covered in darkness. I have yet to finish Atlantica 'cos of that Drive Gauge 5. How can I get the gauge up to 5? If I go to Hollow Bastion before finishing Atlantica will I pay later in the game (Secret Video and such...)? So: Do I have to...
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    Answer please!!!...

    I have just finished Port Royale (that was so boring) and am now at Haloween Town. How far on the game am I? How much % am I done with? I don't want to finish the game too soon, you see.