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    Maybe my memory is bogged but, what happened to Xeanhort?

    I would highly think (beware of a very, VERY nooby comment) that since it said "Birth by Sleep" maybe Xehanort fell into a deep slumber after he relased his Heartless and Nobody forms.
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    who's YOUR hardest boss

    Ursula!!! I had a hard time focusing on the icons when she had a big mole... And her singing sucks :D (heehee)
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    Use Fenrir or Ultima

    If you use magic a lot, then use Ultima. But, if you barely use magic, then go with Fenrir.
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    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    I prefer Roxas, since he doesn't say much, he has a lil bit of "attitudinal" problem (like me :p ) While Sora's all like, "Well, I hope you find your light soon" blah blah blah.... Which kinda makes him almost gay o____O But Sora's ok besides from being too nice, blah blah blah =|
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    Name of KH2 Secret Ending?

    I'm going with Birth by Sleep. Kinda makes sense... well, to me :p
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    Summon Leveling

    No, once your Summon Gauge goes down, that's how it'll gain exp. Say, you have 9 Summon Gauges, after all those gauges are depleted, you gained 9 exp. And so on, and so forth (kinda boring :(
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    OMFG!!! PLEASE Help!!! Final Form

    Think of it like MP Cost. Example: When you use Cure (or whatever), the cost of it is all. So, your Magic Bar, will decrease and you'll have to wait for it to recharge or by using Ether, Elixir, etc. For Drive Forms, it's practically the same. (All of my examples, the Drive Gauge is at its max...
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    OMFG!!! PLEASE Help!!! Final Form

    Lvl 3 isn't the Maxed out level for the Forms, it should say "High Jump/Quick Run, etc Maxed". Also, level 5 isn't the highest, it's 7 On Sora's Abilities, the maxed out lvl is 3. So, since you havent gotten the Fianl yet, try and get all of your forms to lvl 7
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    Yen Sid is probably the most useless character :( I mean Square could've just added a little bit more of Secret Ansem Rpts And then there's Pete =|
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    Help: how to unlock paradox Titan Cup and hade cup?

    Is your Summon Level on lvl 7? If it's not, then you won't open it And thanks Square-Enix for correcting me, you don't need lvl 99 :p I was already lvl 99 but my summon was still on lvl 6 so I just thought that you also need level 99 (because it said req. lvl 99 for the hades par. cups)
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    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    I'd have to say: *Narrating voice* For first place: Axel is the BEST Organization XIII member. And so is his weapon :D For second place: Demyx and his citar!! And finally, for third place: Roxas and his Oblivion and Oathkeeper :D
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    Help: how to unlock paradox Titan Cup and hade cup?

    That happened to me too Just get you're level to 99 Get all your Forms to 7 and your Summon to the highest level Next time though, try looking for some similar threads like this (kinda annoying now :( )
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    Sora MIGHT be in KH3, but not as the main character anymore I mean Goofy and Donald are already untied with King Mickey, and Sora's united with Riku and Kairi So, Sora might be in KH3, but probably as a side character (just like mulan, beast, etc)
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    Who's hair is better?

    I like: Sora Roxas
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    Your favorite Limit attack in KH2?

    Mine would have to be: 1) Genie's Limit Attack :) Free Drives heehee 2) Riku's Eternal Session (I like the combos) 3) Sora's Trinity Limit 4) Auron's (forgot name) 5) Trons (forgot name again o.0 )
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    good job on finding that :D
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    need a quick help

    How do u get and lvl up this abilities: Glide Quick Run High Jump and Aerial Dodge I've gotten all of this but somehow forgot how to get it. And as for leveling them up, all these are still on lvl-1 :(
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    Arrr I Cant Find A Character In Twilight Town!! Help!

    I think it's that old Struggle winner (when you were playing Roxas) Looks a lot like Ansem/Xehanort o.0
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    mission in hades paradox cup?

    Try using Stitch or Peter Pan while playing the game (three wishes is also useful :D )
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    I would have to say: Kairi or Namine :D Yuffie (she can teach me some moves; if y'know what I mean heehee)