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    Lady Sovereign anyone?

    Does anyone Else like Lady SOV? Random Lady Sovereign lyrics Artist: Lady Sovereign Album: Other Songs Lyrics Title: Random Print Correct Everybody in the club gettin tipsy Oh **** dat, just WHINE like a gypsy Can't see straight, like i only got one eye (pop) Your bottle open oh my...
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    Attention Whore

    Hello Peoples alright so heres the deal i was in class the other day and one of my"friends"told me that i am an attention whore has anyone else ever been told that they "crave attention"?
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    Pirates or Ninjas?

    Alright peoples which do you prefer Pirates or Ninjas? I personally prefer Pirates but i just wanted to take a little survey to see which one is the popular vote.
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    My Name.

    Hello peoples Can i Change my name?
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    Yo Any Catholics?

    Yo are there any catholics in here? if there are wanna be buddies:) ?
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    'sup im new but im not at the sametime.

    Wassup People im new but im not at the same time the last time i was on was october of 2005. its been forever and none of my friends remember me:sad: So im look ing for new friends. if you wanna be buddies just write back or whatever send me a messege.:thumbsup:
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    Anyone wanna be my buddy?

    Hey what is up forum. :cool: